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    7 Valentine’s Gifts that Mean More than Chocolate and Flowers

    I’m not opposed to chocolate. I’m certainly not opposed to flowers; I happen to hint at them to my husband quite often. But I also speak the language of gifts, as in love language, as in this is one of the few things I pride myself on.

    Gift giving and receiving literally is my love language – I’ve taken the test more than once, and always get this outcome. Words are sweet and can go a long way, but the fastest way to prove that you love me is by giving a gift that shows me you do. I don’t mean the pricey gold studs I’ve been eyeing (but really, who would say no?), I mean the gifts that show you listen even when I don’t think you are. That you saw what I pointed out months ago online or what I mentioned needing way back when and still remembered to get it. Or that you personalized to remind me of something that would tug on the heartstrings, something that holds significance to my life.

    So guys, I’m here to help. No one knows your lady better than you, but hopefully this will give you somewhere to start!

    valentines gifts more meaningful than flowers and chocolate

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