Friday Favorites

    Friday Favorites 5.27

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    One. Brett and I celebrated 2 years from the day he proposed. It was a super cute story (you might’ve seen this Facebook or Instagram post), but this video really does it justice. I should warn you, though, there’s a lot of hugging in it. It won’t let me embed it but you can go here to watch it!

    Two. Some of my best friends had a baby!!!!!!!! I’ve had friends have a baby before, but never someone I was this close to, someone whom I know I’ll get to see their little boy grow up. Such a different feeling this time around! I cannot wait to watch two friends that I love raise this little boy into a man of the Lord. The mother actually has her own lifestyle blog, Coffee Date with Kate!  We get to meet the little one this weekend I can hardly wait!!

    Three. Spending time with Mom and Dad. The husband and I went home for a bridal shower this weekend, and while our time there was short, it was at least filled with spending time with my parents! I’m telling y’all, I know everyone says it… but I really do have the best parents ever.

    Four. Faculty-Student Dodgeball. Yes, that is as fun as it sounds. It’s a yearly tournament of 8th graders against staff members. My team came in third! Thanks to having a super athletic player on our team, we held our own. I personally wish I had taken more swings at my students… but you know, in the heat of the moment and all. Some of our central office staff (including the superintendent!) participated as well. Best school system ever.

    Five. Even though we were only in town for a night, we found out that one of my oldest friends was as well and were able to meet up for a drink. We then decided to facetime our third counterpart who lives in New York. I talk to these two on a regular basis, and I absolutely love it. They have seen me at all stages of life, one almost 18 years and the other almost 13. Long-lasting friendships are my favorite. They know you. Fingers crossed that the two of us still in Carolina will be able to make a trip to Manhattan this summer to visit!

    How was your week?:)

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