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A $10 Basic Tee

First, ICYMI, make sure you check out Monday’s post featuring one of the most talented artists you ever did see! She’s incredible and is offering you guys a HUGE discount! 

Alright y’all, I know I’ve said this before for cardigans and scarves, but I really wonder if I have more basic tees in my closet than anything else. I think the problem there is I just have a lot of all the things I love because I truly believe they’ll get the most use. It definitely doesn’t hurt when they’re super affordable, too!

basic tee, affordable style

basic tee, affordable style


Take this one, for example. I love that the length of it works great for jeans and shorts, but I also think it would work well tucked in a skirt, essentially cutting off the white section. I also tried wearing it with the two sides tied in a knot and really liked it, too!

basic tee, affordable style basic tee, affordable style

Itttt also doesn’t hurt that it’s pink and gray. I’ve learned that I have a habit of purchasing for the same colors time and time again, in addition to just reaching for them to wear day after day. I think blogging helped me become that way, but I’ve certainly always gravitated to the same shades. Pink is becoming more and more present in my collection and I’m not mad about it at all!

basic tee, affordable style basic tee, affordable style

Fun Fact: I kind of had to wear sunglasses in this post not because I skimped on make-up (the culprit a time or two before;)) but because we took these at 7:45 in the morning, and I typically don’t look awake until at least 11. I have a majorly bad case of baggy and dark circles under my eyes and the fact that I’m a night owl doesn’t help me one bit! Anyone have any tips and tricks for that besides pulling out my favorite J. Crew Factory Sunglasses?

basic tee, affordable style basic tee, affordable style

Andddd on the topic of the sunnies, I’ve now purchased this exact pair 6 times over the last 5 years. Not because they wear out, but because I’m the most forgetful person ever and tend to lose things like these a time or two. They really are the best, and are only $12 when you use a teacher discount;)!

Speaking of being a teacher, iffff I’m not making much sense over the next few weeks, it’s because I’m entering that back-to-school-teacher-tired phase where my eyes casually shut on me multiple times a day.   I might only be on my second work day today, but I’m already feeling the back to school sleepies! Here’s to you, all you teachers starting back!


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