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10 Reasons Why It Rocks Being a Bookworm

Reading is my first love. I don’t remember a time in my life where it wasn’t my favorite thing to do. I can spend hours on end lost in stories, with the world around me just disappearing. I love it so much that my wedding was themed around books. And truth be told, the fact that I’m a bookworm is one of my favorite things about myself, thanks to these 10 reasons.

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10 Reasons It Rocks Being a Bookworm

One. We never run out of friends. And our friends are so dependable. If they change, we were there with them for every step of the way. We can come back to them time and time again and they are always there for us.

Two. We’ve lived hundreds of different lives. It feels so good to just be someone else for a little while. To imagine that I live in the Upper East Side, or where I can see the Golden Gate Bridge. That I’m a local of a small beach town, or I’m a member of the London Ton. That I get to be every age and personality, whenever I want.

Three. We have a fail-proof stress reliever. When you just can’t seem to get a grip on life, you read. Even if you don’t have time, you read. Because your heart needs it and if you don’t, the world better look out.

Four. Our imagination never dulls. You’re riding a dragon as it crosses through a waterfall. Or watching a gladiator fight within the walls of Ancient Rome. Or discovering the worth of “once upon a time” from the mind of a mouse. Good authors make it so you can vividly imagine their stories, and vividly imagine I do.

Five. We’ve traveled the world. I’ve been all over Europe, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time in New Zealand. I’ve been to parts of the Middle East. I’ve even been to other worlds and dimensions. Narnia, Middle Earth, Hogwarts, they all call me back to them.

Six. We can escape reality whenever we choose. The world can be a rough place to live. So I choose to escape from it quite often. Escape is one of the best words to represent what reading does for me.

Seven. We have killer vocabularies.  Granted, I don’t exactly use mine. But based on the amount of words I’ve read, I’m bound to have a warehouse. We are constantly gaining new phrases, and finding better ways to express exactly what we think and feel.

Eight. We never have to go anywhere alone. A big qualification for what type of purse I buy is whether or not it will hold my kindle. Waiting on an appointment? Picking up a friend or kids? Eating lunch out? It’s never just me, it’s me and my book.

Nine. We have a common ground with people completely different. While reading is something most of us love to do alone, if we find a fellow wizard that didn’t get their letter too, we immediately have a bond. Oh wait, you want to be Jane Eyre’s best friend too? Let’s be best friends.

Ten. We understand the world around us so much better. We have a deep understanding of the emotions that people can feel, because we’ve either felt them due to a book or have witnessed a character feeling them. We’ve seen the result of countless situations, we’ve empathized with so many different people. And because of this, while we might be captives of another world, we are incredibly aware of our own.

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And, book lovers, if you want to feel all warm and fuzzy on some book-lovin’ quotes, check out this site.

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  • I love this post! Bookworms are the best people.

  • This is beyond accurate! I’m the biggest bookworm and couldn’t be more proud of it. Currently have about 5 books on my nightstand that I’m trying to read simultaneously. It’s a struggle, but the best kind!

    Stephanie |

    • Haha I’m so glad you agree!! I’m not very good at reading simultaneously, but I’m also awful at putting a book down. If I start it, chances are I’ll finish it within the next day:) Best kind of struggle, for sure!

  • Oh my goodness yes. I always have a book with me wherever I go, and reading makes me happier than just about anything. If someone loves a book that I also love I want to be their best friend too 🙂 Do you listen to the podcast What Should I Read Next? (From Modern Mrs Darcy–love that blog too). If not I HIGHLY recommend it.

    • You just keep getting awesomer and awesomer. No I don’t, I have to check that out! Modern Mrs Darcy… How have I not heard of this blog yet?!? So much to look into!!!!

      • LOL, thanks! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear if you like her blog and podcast… they’re some of my favorites!!

  • I couldn’t agree more with your perspective on this! Reading can take you so many places, you make so many friends and you meet a plethora of interesting and unique characters. It’s also great you pointed out that as a reader you can tap into other people’s emotions and personalities. It’s true because you are aware of their thoughts and traits because you’re the silent observer! There’s good things about being that kind of person.

    • There most certainly are! I’m so glad you agree with me here! I love finding fellow readers:). I love how you phrased it, silent observer- so true! Thanks for stopping by!:)

  • Mary

    I agree! When I was younger, I would read several books a week!I still love to read, but do not have has much time as I would like to with work, family, and life. If I had my way, I would spend my days sitting on the deck with the latest Dean Koontz book!

    • You and me, both! I lived alone for a year, and I could truly read a book a day then. Now, life doesn’t really let me do that, but I’ll take any time I get:)

  • Super YES to number 3! And all of these! I’m such a bookworm!

    • Probably the #1 reason I read so much:) Goodness knows we have stressful jobs! Thanks, Whitney!

  • Breana Newton

    Love it!

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    This is such a thoughtful post! I really enjoyed reading this as I too love to read. I just wish I had more time to read… I usually average 1-2 books a month, but I wish I could read much more! My to-read list is crazy long!


    • I’m so glad, thank you Carrie! It’s been one of my favorites to write. I think I will forever have more books to read than I am actually able to, which I guess is a good problem to have:)!

  • Absolutely love this post! I remember growing up people thought I was weird for liking to read “it’s just something we have to do for school!” but I would stay up way too late engrossed in books for all the reasons you named. Finishing a book is always one of the saddest things because it’s like losing a friend!

    Definitely including this post in my next “Links I Love” post on my blog!

    xo Mary-Katherine |

    • Ahhh I’m so glad! Thank you!! And that’s so true! I’m so eager to get to the end, but when I do, I’m so bummed about it! You get so connected to the story. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • so true! I love reading and I love all the different worlds to explore through imagination. It’s something that’s just irreplaceable, you know? great post ♥

    • It really is, irreplaceable is a great word for it!! Thank you so much, Tianna!

  • Yes! Being a bookworm totally rocks 🙂

  • sandyalamode

    ohh i wish i were more of a bookworm! my attention span is so short! 🙁

    • I feel like most people are that way:) Thanks for stopping by, Sandy!

  • I’m sad to say that even though I was an English Literature major in college I do not read anymore. I think I just got so burnt out by having to read five hundred page novels in less than a week in college, that I didn’t want to do it anymore when I graduated. The last time I read a book was when I was on a plane. I read 100 pages, and haven’t picked it up since. I really need to get back into that book! Great post. Your reasons are all spot on.

    • It’s like how some people who love art choose to not let it be their job for that very reason- When you have to do something so much, you end up getting burnt out on it. Thank you, Amy! I hope you find the book that’ll get you hooked again:)

  • My mum, who is 88, and I were talking on the phone the other day about many things, including what we were reading. She stopped in mid-sentence and said…”Susie, what do people do who don’t read?” I have no idea, Mum.
    Great post. Glad to meet another book worm, on the internet.

    Dropping by from Fun Fashion Friday.

    • Gah, don’t I know it! I really can’t fathom my life without reading, I don’t understand how I’d spend my time. I’m so glad you stopped by, Susan. Thank you!!

  • Lanae Bond

    Thats why I never feel bored because I keep a book handy!

  • Oh, how I love to read! It was always my activity of choice growing up. These days I wish I could read more often. I know once I pick up a book, nothing else will get done until I have reached the final page. You look very comfy and cozy in this look!

    • That is 100% my problem. Once I start, everything else becomes just a bit less important. If I have to stop in the middle of it, I can’t think of anything else except the characters in the meantime! Thank you, Jennie!