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3rd Trimester Bumpdate for Baby #2!

Whew. This pregnancy has both seemed so very long, but it’s simultaneously flown by! Being pregnant in a pandemic definitely has its positives and negatives. You miss out on quite a few of the indulgences of being pregnant, but having a solid reason to stay home and in my jammies or leggings and a t-shirt has not been too difficult. I’ve literally worn 1/4 of my maternity clothes this go round, but that’s ok with me!

I’m going to somewhat model this after the last few bump dates, but I’m going to incorporate a few more frequently asked questions that are different this go-round! (See trimester 1 here, trimester 2 here, or Scarlett’s trimester 3 bumpdate here!)

How are you feeling? For the most part, 3rd trimester was much easier than the 2nd. Overall it still has been more difficult than Scarlett’s though. This whole pregnancy I thought he’d take his sweet time, but then around 33 weeks I felt like a switch was flicked and that changed right away- he was going to come whether I was ready or not! Around that time, I started having pretty bad pelvic girdle pain. I’ve also had more intense back aches and cramping than I ever did with Scarlett, and more intense Braxton Hicks as well.

How are you sleeping? Ha, I’m fully aware of how little you sleep with a newborn, better than most. Even with that in the back of my mind, I stink at sleeping right now. Most days I’m either up a 5:30 or up from 3:30-5:30 with restlessness, pain, or an overactive mind. I’m determined to get as much sleep as I can until he’s born though!

Cravings or Aversions? Same as it’s been the whole pregnancy- no strong cravings but a big aversion to pizza. I’m legitimately scared I’m not going to like pizza when this is over😂😳. I have wanted smoothies often, and tend to gravitate toward healthier foods.

Best part? I think I mentioned this before, but my bond with him just feels so strong. It overwhelms me how strongly I feel connected to him already. I love that- I love playing and interacting with him in my belly. I love this time for just us. I love feeling him move.

There’s about a week between this picture and the one above it. Crazy how much lower he is!

Hardest part? The pain isn’t great, but I think the hardest part is still the emotional guilt/strain/task it is to make your only child into one of two. I KNOW it’s a gift. I know I’m giving her something great. I just still struggle with knowing my attention and time will now be split, especially when I’ve spent two years solely focused on helping her grow and loving on her.

Is this pregnancy similar to the first? 100% no. I’ve had a few similar things happen, but all in all this one has been completely different. I had very little nausea with her and now at 36 weeks with him, I take medication for it. He moves infinitely more than she does, and I can feel and see that movement better than I ever did with her. I wasn’t unbelievably tired in trimester 1, but trimester 2 was really difficult for me. And I could barely tell you what Braxton Hicks were during the first, but I feel them frequently and very much so noticeably with him. I was measuring early with her, and have been measuring on track or as of recently (due to dropping) behind with him. I also have gained 30 pounds with him as opposed to 40 with her- and I weigh about 25 less than I did at this point with her. Even with that difference, I didn’t get any belly stretch marks with her but have with him 🤷🏼‍♀️. So many small differences!

How’s the dad? He’s working so hard right now. Their work (being him and his dad) has been extremely busy lately, which is a blessing! It just makes for a lot of long days for him. And whereas he would come home and rest, he’s coming home to a very pregnant wife who needs help chasing around the toddler. Bless him! Brett’s also always pictured himself as a girl dad, and he hasn’t exactly gotten to already experience some of the differences as I have. He’s very excited to have a boy, but I think he’s also a little nervous, too!

How’s Scarlett? Ready for a baby brother? As ready as she can be 😂. She’s been in a verrryyy independent phase and has been a little temperamental lately. It’ll be a world changer for her, for sure! She’s been around a few younger kids lately and has impressed me with her patience, so I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing her with him. I think she’s starting to grasp that a baby will actually be joining us, too. She can say his name clearly now☺️!

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