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Let Me Introduce You to a Really Great Website

You guys know that I love to share with you companies I thoroughly enjoy supporting – companies that are worth it in more ways than one. I’ve found another, and I think you’re really going to love it.

See, I’m a sucker for trinkets and treasures. Meaningful, thoughtful gifts go a really long way for me – hence my Valentine’s Gift post. And this website? It is jam-packed with items that perfectly fit the bill.

The cool thing about Uncommon Goods? They work directly with artists to bring you products. Each product has a story which you can read in addition to learning about the actual artists themselves. They work so hard to keep their company sustainable and environmentally friendly. It sounds like a genuinely great place to work, which makes me genuinely glad to support it. They also let you choose a nonprofit to donate $1 of your purchase to, and have donated over $1,000,000.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items for myself gifts for the ladies below, but there literally isn’t a single page on the website that I don’t want something from!

One. A super cute bowl for your yarn! This little item is handmade in Tennessee, and would make the perfect gift for avid knitters and occasional-picker-uppers like me!

Two. Handthrown natural mineral mugs. Made with minerals such as tigers eye and quartz, these beauties are meant to keep your coffee warm and uplift your spirit.

Three. A literary infinity scarf! This item is RIGHT up my alley, and they have some of the greatest works, like Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice.

Four. The cutest little gift for your loved one- an A-to-Z book on ways in which you love them! This is a great way to tie together sentimentality with something truly cherished. It would make a great gift for both boys and girls on an anniversary (along with so many other items on the website!)

Five. A darling pine necklace. I personally love that this necklace reminds me of my little mountain town, but it’s a piece of jewelry I believe a girl of any age would love.

Six. A pillow with the words of one of my favorite books. Like the scarf, I need this in my life. You can’t beat Pride and Prejudice for literary decor.

Seven. Wine glasses perfect for both nerds and wine-lovers alike! Combining words, wittiness, and wine drinking together is a winning item. These little beauties are made by a mixed media artist in Kansas. (There’s also these cute wine quote towels that need to find their way into my kitchen!)

Eight. DIY truffle kit. Is there any situation in which this sounds like a bad thing? No, there isn’t. Because chocolate + fun + homemade is a match made in heaven.

Nine. Oh hello, beautiful watch of my dreams. Tell me you’ve seen a prettier watch. I own a wood watch and love it; this one just takes it to a whole new level!

Ten. The most beautiful cutting board/cheese and cracker board ever. It makes me want to purchase this and then entertain just so I can show it off. Orrr it makes me want to purchase it and have my own cheese board night solo. Both work.

While I love all of these options for me, there are also so many great options for guys too, especially when it comes fitting items for the groomsmen in your life. This beer guide poster lays out all the varieties, as well as includes some of the classics of each type. This guitar pick puncher would be perfect for the guitar player/gift card collector in your life (my dad LOVES his!).

With Valentine’s Day and anniversaries approaching, they’ve also got plenty of cute-yet-quirky items for both boys and girls that help to celebrate your love. These date night ideas are something everyone should have, and I could definitely see my household getting use of the marital bliss reward cards. If you’re feeling up to it, this spiced-up truth or dare would also make a great gift, and these sentimental and romantic mad lib sonnets would be sure to woo someone over.

 I know I’m overloading you with options here, but there’s just so much on UncommonGoods to love. Be it personalized items, decor, or just treasures for yourself, you really can’t go wrong. Definitely worth exploring!

*This post was sponsored by UncommonGoods, but all opinions are completely my own! I really do think they’re great:)!


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