And So It Begins.

I never realized how much confidence goes into creating a blog. 

You have to believe that people will find what you have to say worthwhile. That your ideas are good enough to be heard, that your creativity is unique enough to stand out, and that your style is appealing enough to inspire. That is a lot of pressure.

So why do it? After debating the idea for months, it boiled down to this: I want to challenge myself. To utilize the endless drawers and hangers of clothes that I have, and to remember what I actually wore the week before. Let’s be honest, this idea of creating a blog? A life and style blog? It’s scary.

But wouldn’t that make it all the more rewarding, to be successful in helping others think of new outfit ideas that will make them proud to wear? I’ve poured over Pinterest many late nights and early mornings trying to do just that: find something that makes me feel like a fluffed peacock when I strut my stuff.

To make connections with other girls who love what I love, and can share in my passions? That’s why Darling, Dearest was created. To build myself up, and to take others along with me.

So, please, join me on this journey. I can guarantee that I will embarrass myself, but hopefully that will just contribute to your laughter.

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