August’s Best & September Goals

Well dang, August. You sure had to blow on by! I cannot believe this year is already halfway over, that we’ve officially reached September. Wasn’t it just last fall, and this blog had just begun?

August’s Best Posts

Fuchsia Dress Two Ways

Mock Neck Dress

Cold Shoulder

Safe Place

There’s a Rainbow in this Post!


My Instagram used to have pictures that weren’t on the blog (more real life #ootd’s) but just by chance, lately I haven’t posted many of those. Because of that, it doesn’t really serve a purpose to recap them here!

However, you can shop all Instagram pictures through! Sign up here and every time you “like” an Instagram picture with a link, you’ll be sent an email with direct links to the items. You can choose how often you receive emails (immediately, daily, or weekly).

September Goals

August actually had more posts than any other month to date on the blog- which is crazy with how busy it’s been. That was one of the goals from last month, so at least I feel successful there!

One. I have this problem right now that I currently have too much content in mind for the blog, and not enough time to develop posts and write them. I need a system. Maybe it’s a one night writing spree,  just something that makes the posts schedule-able, which makes me get my butt in gear and finish them.

Two. Pinterest. I’m really hoping to see just how influential Pinterest can be. I’m hooked on it, with fall foods and clothing and what not beginning to be everywhere, and I want to use that momentum. I’m trying to be more intentional about creating pin-worthy images. Maybe try promoted pins? Have any of y’all experimented with those?

Three. Get a routine down for Facebook Groups. It’s so easy to want to do them all, but that’s quite impossible while I’m at school. I’m hoping to find a system that allows me to participate, searching through allllll the groups to see which actually provide lasting results and can be invested in at night.

Four. I have like 10 faith-related posts started, but none of them finished. Those are hands down my favorite to write, share, and receive feedback on. But they are also the ones I analyze, reread, and edit the most. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more than one a month coming up:).

Five. Find a way to sleep more. I struggled SO BADLY with this last year, largely due to the blog. I know it’s optional. I know it’s by choice. But that’s not how I see it, or how I make myself live it. This blog is a part-time job, a business…my business. And while my full-time job will most definitely take priority, I have big plans for this one day. It will not grow with stagnancy. I won’t lower my expectations of myself, and I will sacrifice sleep. I will also drink more coffee than any human should. 🙂

Here’s to you, September. I’m eager for you and your pumpkiny, goodness to begin.

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  • I get bursts of ideas and then go nowhere with them. Of course by the time i remember, the thought is gone! I can’t wait to hear what system you come up with. I also struggle with Facebook groups and Pinterest. Girl, I don’t sleep either. But I just can’t. I don’t even do anything because I’m too exhausted to be productive. Here’s to hoping we both get some sleep!

    • YES. So tired, so much to do, but knowing I’m getting way less done than I should because I’m just wiped out. It’s like a cycle! We got this, we can get more sleep1

  • I was nodding my head along with so many things you said about having ideas and plans, etc. but not enough TIME. I am a stickler about getting enough sleep, so too often the things I want to do for the blog don’t get done. Lately I feel like I’ve been doing the bare minimum. I love seeing this space grow for you, and I hope you keep it up with the awesome posts–but at the same time be sure to rest when you need it!! 🙂 Good luck in September! I’ll be curious to hear what systems end up working for you!

    • I need to take a lesson out of your book! Every morning I wake up and check my fitbit to see how long I slept, and every morning I berate myself for not getting enough. I know it’s got to be a habit I get into… I just need to kick myself in the butt to make me get there!

      • I used to set a “bedtime” alarm on my phone for about 30-45 minutes before I wanted to go to sleep and I’d make myself go get in bed. That did help! (Now I’m just lucky if I can stay awake for an entire Royals game in the evenings… I’m SO SO tired these days!)