Baby Green #2- 2nd Trimester Bumpdate

We met Scarlett less than 10 weeks from this point in pregnancy! I know that baby boy could come after she did, or before, or whenever he so chooses, but that’s still crazy to me to think that it could be less than 10 weeks! This pregnancy is night and day different from the last one. I’m in better physical shape than I was during my first, but this one is still physically so much more difficult for me 😂😳.

Again, I’m going to model this one after Scarlett’s bumpdates. You can also check out the 1st trimester post here!

How are you feeling: Tired. More tired than I was during the 1st trimester, most definitely. Also still nauseous many days, some way worse than others, and typically in the afternoons and evenings. My body and joints ache, but I remember facing that during the 1st pregnancy too. I was also sick with an outrageous sore throat at the very beginning of this trimester (not Covid, don’t worry) so that kicked it all off on a rougher note. Anddd I encountered a few things/side effects pregnant women are prone to all around the same time, which made for a miserable Emily. We’re past most of that, though!

How are you sleeping? I know I’m sleeping better than I will after he’s born, but right now it doesn’t feel like it’s well at all! He is SUPER active, especially when I’m laying down. That keeps me up some nights. Nausea has also played a roll in how easy it is for me to fall asleep. He’s also low and on my bladder, so I’ll make 3-4 potty trips before I truly fall asleep each and every night. I’ll take the consecutive hours now while I can, though.

How big is baby? Good question 😂 ! I believe he’s about as big as a coconut, and between 2-3 pounds.

Cravings or Aversions? I haven’t had any as strong as I did during my first pregnancy this whole time. I’ve gravitated toward hot tea lately because it seems to help with my nausea. I’ve also wanted fruit some, but I think that’s cause Scarlett eats it like crazy. Every once in a while something will sound really good (like Stamey’s hushpuppies) but I haven’t had many things that I want to eat often and a lot of.

How’s your weight gain? For the most part, right on track. I’ve gained roughly 20 pound so far, and would have liked to have gained a little less, but my activity was really limited for a solid chunk of this trimester. One big difference between this pregnancy and last is the clothing I wear – I’ve gravitated more toward stretchy non-maternity clothing rather than my maternity pieces, but some of that is due to staying home right now.

How’s the baby daddy? Busy! Daddy is working hard and long days to help our family be fully prepared and equip for birth. He’s soaking up time with Scarlett and the occasional game of golf when he can, though!

How’s Scarlett? I think she’s pretty excited! She LOVES to feel him kick, and gets so excited about that. She also loves to take care of her baby dolls, especially one we’ve named Baby Brother. She’s very nurturing, and I think she’ll be great with baby boy. She’ll definitely face a learning curve, though, as all big siblings do!

What’s been the hardest part so far? Ha, see question 1: How are you feeling. 😏 But really, I’m thankful that we haven’t needed to leave the house much this trimester. I’m also thankful for a husband who helped me work around any challenges I’ve faced. Anddd that baby boy is 100% healthy through it all!

What’s been the most exciting part so far? I think the bond I feel with this baby has been the best part for me so far. I feel very much so connected to him, and love the interaction with his movement so much. We’ve also got a huge chunk of the nursery designed, so that’s exciting too!

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