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Baby Helpers: Tranquilo Mat

Scarlett likes movement. That girl is going to be a dancer or soccer player or something one day – she is a complete wiggleworm! I think partially because of that, she isn’t the best at sleeping laying still unless she’s in a deep sleep when we put her down. I know that I’ll need this to change over time, but I also cherish any good sleep I can get myself these days!

Because of that, we utilize a few things to help her sleep a bit more peaceful. We’re also putting into place strategies to gradually get her used to sleeping in a crib. One thing that’s helping us with that? Our Tranquilo Mat.

Scarlett can fight sleep like a champ. I began posting about it on Instagram, and Tranquilo Mat reached out to see if we would be interested in trying a mat for her! They come in two sizes, a smaller one perfect for car seats and wraps, or a larger one for cribs and bassinets. I  wanted one to help with that transition phase, so we selected the larger one.

So far, we’ve used it quite a bit in our bassinet. Scarlett doesn’t sleep in it at night, but she does nap in there. Often, I’ll put her down when she’s still falling asleep and will use a combo of the Tranquilo Mat and our DockATot to help her fall asleep or stay asleep.

It is programmed with 4 different vibration settings, and can also vibrate in the pattern of a heartbeat to mimic life in the womb. Laying on the mat directly works well with Scarlett is awake to simply calm her down. She seems to like it best under a mattress or the DockATot when she is actually sleeping. We use the lowest setting, but it helps to vibrate the entire area that she’s laid in, which definitely helps to soothe her!

I’m excited to see how our Tranquilo Mat helps as we add more crib-time to Scarlett’s schedule! Self-Soothing is something I’m anxious about, but so far, this mat has certainly helped!

*Thank you, Tranquilo Mat, for providing the product for this post! All opinions are mine (and Scarlett’s) alone! 

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