Baby Shower Invitations with Minted

My sister is the ultimate planner. If she’s hosting an event in your honor, then you better believe you’re going to be spoiled rotten with how detailed and awe-inspiring it is. For my garden-themed bridal shower, the ice even had flowers frozen inside each cube. For my bachelorette party, t-shirts were made that encompassed every aspect of my personality I could hope for. She goes above and beyond, always. So when it’s my turn to spoil her back? I want to do it right.

My sister is currently 26 weeks pregnant, and I don’t think I have it in me to be any more excited than I already am. We live a whopping 6 minutes apart, so this little boy is about to be SPOILED by Auntie Em! In order to host an event that just begins to scrape the surface on what she deserves, a few of her friends and I are aiming to give her a shower that fits her and her husband in the best of ways. It’ll be laid back, co-ed, and filled with people they love.

minted baby shower invites coed brewery shower

We knew pretty much from the get-go that we wanted to celebrate at a local brewery. There isn’t a single location in Boone that fits Adam and Mel better, as it’s low-key, rustic, and dog-friendly. Mel loved the idea of having the guys involved too, and a brewery makes the perfect destination for that.

I wanted to do this well, and I wanted to do this right. I don’t want my sister to be lacking anything – she deserves it to be perfect. Step one? Finding the perfect invitation.

minted baby shower invites coed brewery shower

Minted equates quality. The quality of the card, the quality of the envelope – you are getting the best.  To be frank, I was kind of stunned with how thick and durable the invitations were. I’ve definitely received Minted cards before, and have always admired their simplicity and design, but didn’t realize just how high quality until holding a stack of them myself.

minted baby shower invites coed brewery shower

When browsing for the baby shower invitations, it was easy to find multiple that either already fit the feel and theme of the shower, or ones that we could personalize to blend with it. Being baby boy blue and brewery themed, I couldn’t ask for a more perfect design than this!

minted baby shower invites coed brewery shower

Quite possibly my favorite aspect of the entire process was the free themed addressing on the envelopes. This saved the girls and I SO much time, and upped the professional factor. When I addressed my wedding invites, I hand threaded each envelope through our printer. Minted allowed me to pick from tons of font choices, but had this one specifically for this design available. All I had to do was upload a pre-made spreadsheet, and the addressing was done. That alone makes me want to use Minted again and again (insert praise hands emoji here)!

minted baby shower invites coed brewery shower

I know I’m really talking them up, but I was just so impressed with this whole process. The turn around time, the design flexibility and choices, everything. I’m legitimately excited to find other showers and holidays to use Minted for – give me this stress-free process any day.

minted baby shower invites coed brewery shower

*While this post is not sponsored, I was gifted part of the product used above. All opinions are completely my own – I really am that impressed! 

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  • This design is so cute! Such a fun & different idea for a baby shower to be at AMB!

  • Aww, that is so exciting–you’re going to be the best auntie 🙂 Also, those may be the cutest baby shower invitations ever. My husband is never keen on going to baby showers, but if it were at a brewery he would love that, so kudos on the awesome location idea. I hope you have a blast celebrating your sister!