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The Best Times of the Year to Visit the Biltmore Gardens

Y’all, the Biltmore Gardens are absolutely GORGEOUS. I’ve been to the Biltmore Estate at various times during the year, and I’ve never been disappointed with the gardens.

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My friend, Marjorie, and I were lucky enough to visit the gardens in early August. While it was a bit toastier than I tend to like, it was still so, so beautiful. We were quite taken with the placement of benches throughout the gardens, perfect for those moments when you want to stop and soak it all up.  As if the Biltmore Estate itself isn’t enough beauty, or the Appalachian mountains, this just aids in making it all even more of an escape.

The Best Times of the Year to Visit The Biltmore Gardens

Spring (April)

Tulips galore! The number and colors of tulips at Biltmore this time of the year will truly steal your breath away. Expect close to 100,000 tulips. This time frame is called “Biltmore Blooms” for a reason.


An enchanted garden of roses. So many beautiful smelling roses will cover the gardens during these months.  Warning: while the roses are worth it, the bee volume is intense. You can actually catch a bee mid-flight in one of the pictures above.


As if fall foliage isn’t enough to make a trip to the mountains, you’ll also see chrysanthemums featured. They greatly compliment the colors you find in the trees. This is also a great time of the year for the none-floral gardens. A stroll through the woods or a picnic by the pond would be perfect right now!


Now you won’t see the most beautiful sites outside in the winter, but inside the house as well as the in the conservatory, your breath can still be stolen. November/December is without a doubt the best time to visit thanks solely to the magnificent Christmas decor.

There really isn’t a wrong time of the year to visit Biltmore. Each visit satisfies this history-loving, Austen-reading girl a little bit more!:)

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  • It was cold, drizzly day when I visited the Biltmore in March. I would love to come back when I can see the gardens!

  • This place looks absolutely beautiful! It reminds me so much of my favorite Paine Art Center & Gardens – actually, I think the Biltmore hosted the Downton Abbey costume exhibit before the Paine. I hope to visit someday!