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DIY: Custom Water Bottle Labels

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So here’s the deal. I’ve never really been that great at drinking water. I used to be dreadful at it, never making the effort. Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned that the easiest way for me to consume it is to have bottles handy. That makes me so much more likely to grab one while sitting around, when I’m getting ready to leave, or before I go to bed. And what increases the likelihood of drinking them when they’re with me or encouraging others to grab one? Choosing great tasting water like Nestlé® Pure Life® and creating my own custom water bottle labels to spruce them up!

DIY custom water bottle label with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

This is one of the easiest crafts to do. It takes no time at all and makes the water bottles look appealing and decorative! While keeping our fridge stocked, we even have most of these out in a basket on display. I’ve also created decorative bottles for themed events such as baby showers or bachelorette parties, which makes everyone want to have one!

How to Make your Own Custom Water Bottle Labels

Step 1: Get quality water.

I don’t just want my bottles to be pretty, I want the water to actually taste good and be good for me. Nestlé® Pure Life® is dedicated to providing pure, great tasting water. They use a 12-step quality process to filter it, beginning with the collection and carrying through purification, mineralization, micro-filtration, then finishing with cleaning and quality testing.  Enhancing it with minerals helps to ensure a truly great taste. Bonus, Nestlé® Pure Life® happen to have the perfect sized labels and bottle shape for creating custom labels, which makes this process even easier!

DIY Custom Water Bottle Labels with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

Step 2: Choose the label design you want and gather materials

I typically use scrapbook paper because it’s always so lovely and can fit all types of occasions. I’ve also printed off patterns and have made my own for the theme of certain events. You can even create sayings and quotes to print off for weddings or bachelorettes! Be as creative as you would like! Besides Nestlé® Pure Life® water bottles and paper, the only other items you need are packing tape and scissors!

Step 3: Remove the labels.

I like to do this all at once for all 35 bottles. You can use scissors to cut through (Nestlé® Pure Life®  bottles have grooves perfect for sliding them in!) or you can just tear them yourself. Don’t worry about sticky residue – that will get covered up with your new labels.

DIY Custom Water Bottle Labels with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

Step 4: Trace and cut your labels.

I used a Nestlé® Pure Life® label as my stencil, but you can also measure it out. Having printed scrapbook paper made it easy for me to cut along the pattern. Make your label half an inch to an inch longer than the Nestlé® Pure Life® label. You can make your custom label wider than the actual label, but you don’t want it to be larger than the width of the tape. A regular piece of scrapbook paper provides me with 10 labels, while a piece of computer paper provides me with about 7.

DIY Custom Water Bottle Labels with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

Step 5: Tear and place your tape.

Lay a custom label out and tear a piece of packing tape so that it is about an inch longer than the label. Center the label in the tape, so that there is a border of tape around the label, as shown below. It’s easier to center than you expect, just make sure to have a border to seal the label. If you need to tear off more tape after, that’s always an option!

DIY Custom Water Bottle Labels with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

Step 6: Place the label around the bottle.

Nestlé® Pure Life® bottles make it SO easy to keep your label straight. The flat section is perfect for this! The catch is to try to make the place where you have overlap as even as possible, matching the lines up as much as you can. I really had no problem at all doing this with the shape of these bottles. Press firmly around the edges of the tape to make sure that there are no gaps or air pockets.

DIY Custom Water Bottle Labels with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

Step 7: Repeat until finished!

I used 4 different sheets of beach themed paper. I might be craving the beach just a bit right now (summer, come quickly!) and my kitchen is all shades of blue. I like a variety too so that I can choose whatever bottle fits my mood. Once again, this keeps me drinking and staying hydrated!

DIY Custom Water Bottle Labels with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

These make a great decorative piece in our kitchen, which also helps to keep them close by to always have the fridge stocked. They are truly perfect for any occasion, be it beach trip or backyard cookout or just something to get the kids wanting to reach for a water bottle!

DIY Custom Water Bottle Labels with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

It was dead easy to find Nestlé® Pure Life® at Wal-Mart in Boone, as it was the biggest display of bottles right at the front of the aisle! As shoppers, we are receiving a great value by getting 3 more bottles for the same price as the old 32 pack! You can find Nestlé® products at Wal-Mart online, but make sure to visit the store for the 35 pk (24 pack is available online). If the 35 pack of Nestlé® Pure Life® is not available in your local Wal-Mart, please ask a store manager about getting the product in your area. Be on the lookout for new packaging coming this month, and visit to sign up for promotions, offers and more!

DIY Custom Water Bottle Labels with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

And be sure to pin the image below of this easy-to-make craft to refer to later and get the word out! Custom water bottle labels are a great go-to to add a little festivity to any situation.

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DIY custom water bottle label with Nestle Pure Life #PureLife35pk #ad

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