To Doubt His Love for You

“In light of the cross, the greatest insult you can give God is to doubt his love for you.”

I came across this quote on Pinterest, and it caught me. It says that it was from J.C. Ryle, but in research, I couldn’t really find much about it. It has such a power behind it, when you let the words linger. When you realize what they truly mean.

I don’t think I actively try to doubt God’s love. I don’t intentionally lessen its value. I don’t go about my day, thinking that there is an absence in it or that his love isn’t prevalent. I’m not necessarily uncertain of it, per say.

But I don’t recognize it either. And a love that great? It demands to be noticed.

His is a love that is immeasurable. It’s a love that is protecting and uplifting. It’s whole, it lacks nothing. It fills every piece of us that is in need of being filled and surrounds us when we need to be held. It’s a love that we cannot escape, no matter what we do. 

When a love is that powerful, that all-encompassing, to show a lack of faith in the being in which the love is from is to show a lack of belief in that love. To doubt that he has a plan for you, to doubt that he has intended you, flaws and all… in that you are doubting his love. To be unsure of how beautiful you are, to think that he created a mistake is to doubt his love. To question his omniscience, to be hesitant that he is at work is to doubt his love.

What a sacrifice he gave, to burden his son with such. great. pain. To send his son like a lamb to the slaughter so that we might live free. To do this for us, because he loves us. Because he loves me.

While I go about my day, not recognizing him. Not acknowledging the constant presence that he is. Not being sure of the path he leads me on. Not letting him love me the way he wants.

To be aware of the length in which he took to save me and to know that it was solely rooted in his love for me, and then to disobey and doubt in him. In doing this, I’m throwing his love in his face. How can I be aware of his sacrifice, truly and completely aware, and not live every minute of every day reveling in that love?

In light of the cross. Because of it, knowing it as a truth. In light of the cross, the greatest insult you can give God is to doubt his love for you.


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