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An Easy Blend of Comfortable and Sassy

Ok. So sassy isn’t the word I wanted to use there. This dress really is super comfortable; it’s flowly and loose fitting, and a lightweight fabric. But really, this thigh-high slit on the side? I think that adds a sexy touch to it. I’m just not quite down for putting that in the title;).

Ok, to be honest, it kind of has a toga-ish vibe to it. I told my husband that I felt Grecian while wearing it, which, in my book, is never a bad thing. I ordered a medium, my typical size, and I definitely think I could have sized down. I kind of had to wear a belt with it so that it didn’t drag the ground constantly or wasn’t swallowing me whole. This dress is calling to be worn on the beach. It looks best with the bottom gets to blow in the wind a little, and a beach breeze would be perfect! It’s also a whoppin’ $12, score.

This weekend, I’m heading to Charlotte for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette! This week has been filled with fun craft related things, right up my alley! I’m actually thinking of showing some of the process for the crafts on my Insta-Stories… would y’all be insterested in that? Give me feedback! I love hearing from you:)

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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