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Fall Activities

I love fall. I could handle a year full of fall. I love the feel. I love the air. I love the colors. I love the smell. I love the food. I love the experiences. I love the… you get it, don’t you?

Living in Boone allows me to enjoy fall to the fullest. And there are just some things that shouldn’t be missed, or at least help to make the most of fall. Despite where you live, many of these things can be done from any location. However, if you’re close to the Boone or Greensboro areas, I’ve included a few specific fall activities that have become favorites of mine over the years.
Fall Fun List

1. Have a fall picnic. Bundle up in your softest blanket scarf, grab that delicious bottle of cabernet sauvignon and find the perfect place to just be with your sweetie [or bestie]. For Greensboro, I recommend the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park [but maybe hold the wine?]. If you’re in Boone, well the options are endless. My favorite spots include Moses Cone Manor and the first overlook on the left if you are heading north on the Parkway from 321.

2. Pick the perfect pumpkin. No fall is complete without this activity. This has been a tradition in our household for years, partly due to the fact that my home church sells them for the youth group! My sister, mother, and I spent hours upon hours working the pumpkin patch at our church to raise funding for mission trips. If you live in or close to Greensboro, I highly suggest checking it out! It sponsors youth and is operated by youth. The pumpkins are also taken care of exceptionally well, turning them just the right amount to prevent rotting. It’s located at Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church, which is right on Battleground across from Lowes!

3. Sip spiced cider. Or maybe hot cocoa, if thats more your thing. Something about the apple-y cinnamon taste of cider just warms me right to the core. Whether it’s under your favorite blanket that your grandmother made with a good book, or on a porch swing with just the right breeze, this drink can just hit the spot. For a homemade version, this sounds great [and it gives a shout out to NC apples]!

4. Go leaf looking. Once again, Boone is the perfect place for this. Peak season comes a little early to us up here at higher elevations, typically hitting in mid October. Let me tell you, it’s breathtaking. Take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or just drive around town in general; it would be impossible to miss that kind of beauty. Greensboro tends to hit peak a little later, but drive 10 minutes out of town to Summerfield or Oak Ridge where the buildings are a little more sparse and the trees a little more frequent- it will be well worth the trip!

5. Snuggle. I think this one is self-explanatory, isn’t it:)?

6. Pick apples. One of my most fond memories from freshman year at Appalachian State was picking apples with friends and coming home to make the most delicious apple pie ever. For somewhere local to Boone, check out the Orchard at Altapass.

7. Carve a pumpkin. If you have picked the perfect pumpkin [which, might I add, can be any shape or size] then you must also be ready to carve it! When I was younger, I always stuck with the traditional Jack-O-Lantern faces. The older my sister and I became, the more artistic we wanted to be. My sister was quite a bit more successful, able to carve bats and cats and App logos out of the pumpkins. Now, I tend to stick with the good ole face again. Here is a website full of ideas!

8. Bake a pie. Or just bake in general. There are so many fall themed treats that you can bake. Apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, you get the picture.  Just remember, Libby’s. Always Libby’s. Because it’s simply the best!

9. Go to a corn maze. CONFESSION: I’ve never done this. But I want to so badly!!! Harvest Farm Corn Maze is located in Valle Crucis, and I used to pass it driving to school every day. Talk about temptation. The New River Corn Maze in Boone also sounds wonderful! Kersey Valley Corn Maze in Archdale looks pretty epic for those of you in the Greensboro area!

10. Tailgate. Y’all should know by now that I love my tailgating. Even if football isn’t really your thing, if you live in the south, you should at least experience a southern tailgate. The fall is known for having good food, and a tailgate is [should be] just that! Fall is a great time for celebrating and enjoying family and friends, which is possibly the best benefit of tailgating. But, I’m biased. My tailgate crew is the best.

11. Roast pumpkin seeds. Um, yum. I just mentioned food is amazing in the fall, didn’t I? Everything pumpkin? I say yes. I’m a sucker for simple pumpkin seeds, just drizzled with a little butter and either roasted in the oven or fried in a pan, and sprinkled with salt. That’s it, y’all. That easy. Just make sure you wash the slimy pumpkin guts off first;)!

12. Make a themed treat. I love to make these for the kids I work with or ladies in small groups that I’ve been a part of. Halloween and Thanksgiving just lend themselves to these types of treats! I’ve made these spider webs before and they turned out really well! Here are 15 more super cute recipes for this time of year. For the grown-up crowd, you might like these Halloween themed recipes, with a few delicious looking cocktails!

13. Have a bonfire. Is there any smell more fall than a bonfire? Don’t answer that; I’m sure there is. But really, roasting marshmallows, bundling up by the fire, enjoying the people around you. That is fall.

14. Make decorations. There are not enough hours in the day to be able to craft as much as I’d like to. But what better time of the year to catch up and revel in that than fall? Make a rustic wreath or these beautiful leaf candle holders. Here is a collection of lovely crafts all fall-themed. Fall crafts just tend to make a house seem more inviting, welcoming, and comfortable. What could be wrong with that?

Honorable Mention: Haunted Trails. This didn’t make the list for me because I just can’t really handle them to be honest [scaredy cat]. They are the perfect thing to do to soak up the Halloween season. Woods of Terror in Greensboro is a very well known trail, and Kersey Valley that I mentioned earlier also has a Haunted House. If you live in Boone, I recommend Haunted Horn at Horn in the West. It might not be the scariest trail there is, but it’s a fun little thrill. Little tid bit: When I was at App, this was a fundraiser for the Teaching Fellows Program, so I spent many fall nights dressed in all black or painted up as a “scarer” for this trail! Also popular in Boone is Tweetsie’s Ghost Train. It’s on the list for our October date nights!

What about you, do you have any fall activities that you enjoy doing, and that help ring in the season for you? Or any more suggestions on places to fully live it up and experience it?

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