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In my blogging history, I’ve had a wide variety of companies reach out to work together, and more than a few times those have been lingerie companies. Being that I was a teacher until this year, that just wasn’t something I wanted to get into promoting. However, when Felina Intimates reached out and I actually explored the company, I realized that a solid chunk of the clothing they offer are in fact more lounge based rather than solely intimates. And being that I literally live in lounge clothes these days (stay-at-home-mom wardrobe for the win!), I was alllll for trying that out.

I’m pretty glad I did, because I found my new favorite leggings! I have two different types of the leggings they offer, the velvety soft 2-pack and sueded athleisure 2-pack. I like them both, but I LOVE the athleisure pair. I wear them practically everyday, and have considered ordering another pack because I’m washing them so much! They claim to be slimming and they truly are. They also aren’t see through🙌🏼. I’m comfortable enough to wear them with a tunic or just a regular t-shirt. They are the leggings I’m wearing in all of the pictures above. They’re 2 for $40 right now on sale.

As for the other items I received, that included this lounge set and a bralette pack. I don’t typically were lounge sets, but I definitely have been loving these two pieces separately. Everything I received is incredibly soft, and this isn’t any exception. The joggers are extremely comfortable, and the sweatshirt feels like a cloud. I’ve worn it with jeans and leggings out and about. The sweatshirt and sueded athleisure leggings are what I’m wearing below!

The bralette 2-pack is also a winner to me. I’m particular about bralettes, they have to be padded and supportive. This halter duo definitely qualifies. I’ve actually caught myself seeking out shirts to wear with them so that I can have an excuse to wear them more! They are currently 2 for $30.

All in all, I really truly love all the items I received. I’m not joking when I say I wear those leggings daily – there’s a good chance I end up ordering more!

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