Friday Favorites 7.15

I’m going to be honest with y’all, I’ve been a lazy bum this week. I mean, I worked around the house… some. But I didn’t leave the house… for four days straight. #noshame. We’re still in major renovation mode over here at the Greens, so I cleaned and organized and stored and decluttered… but I’m ready to leave my house a little bit. So my favorites this week? They aren’t very exciting. Sorry:).

One. I now have a mini blogging office/desk!!! Something about that just makes me feel a bit more legit. We have Cape Cod style windows upstairs, and one as officially become my blogging nook. I’ve got big plans for decorating it. Sidenote: This girl completely forgot that when you get a desk, you need to get a chair too. So here I am, typing away at my new desk, sitting on a footstool. It’s not awkward at all😒.
IMG_6230Pippa likes the new space. She can now sit in Mom’s lap and look out her favorite window. #win.

Two. #Nsale! If you missed it, I kind of freaked out on the blog yesterday about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’m reallllly trying to limit what I get and be smart about purchases. Those super cute Tory Burch boots just aren’t a logical purchase for this girl. BUT I think I’ve convinced my husband to get me this Michael Kors jacket for my birthday. I bought this dress last year and definitely intend to get it in at least one more color. I’ve worn it year round, as evidenced here and here (love it with the vest!)

Three. On that note, accessories got a little neglected in my #Nsale post. There is no end to this sale. These are what I’m craving to add to my collection (especially that scarf😍):

Four. Spotify. Do you guys use Spotify? I’ve been a Pandora girl for a while, but the XM in my car has been so sketchy lately that I wanted a reliable source of music. I’ve just started really exploring Spotify and have a few playlists I’m loving. Any suggestions?

Five. Finally getting my sister, Mel, up on the blog. So, I really think this might be a more common occurrence. I think I can convince her to at least do a few posts with me, maybe even write some. She has more talent in one little finger than some people could dream of. You should see her artwork (which will hopefully be an Etsy store soon)! Fingers crossed!

A different type of post is coming to the blog Monday, so be sure to stop by! Have a great weekend, my friends!

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