Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 7.29

I’m bending the rules and making this a two-week recap of favorites. There’s just been so many exciting things to post about that last week missed out on one!:)

One. Girls Trip. Last week, I got to visit with my sister-in-law in Charlotte. It was 100% a girls trip complete with wine, wedding planning, Grey’s Anatomy watching, and fancy dessert cocktail drinking. Times like that reiterate how blessed I am to marry someone that gave me so much more than a husband out of the deal.

Two. Speaking of, my husband. We were in the middle of a conversation about what my Sunday Seven would be this week when I asked him if he would be getting more pizza, because #lazy. He said he would bring me more if he was one of my seven. So Husband, here you go:).

Three. Office working. Just about every day this week has started with a cup of coffee and some intense blog work. Having an actual office area has made me so much more productive. And let’s all just take a minute to soak in how perfect this mug is! 😍☕️


Four. Shared Birthdays! Monday was my mother and my birthday, and it was great. We make sure to spend it together, and enjoyed quite a bit of shopping:). Dad was even able to get off work to meet us for lunch with my grandparents (who were celebrating 61 years of marriage that day!).


Five. Newsletter! I finally sat down and took the time to explore creating a newsletter. I promise not to overload or spam your inbox:) I want it to offer more than just a weekly recap, but also extras and tidbits like bloopers, sales, wisdom and more. I’m hoping to have the first one out on Sunday… hopefully 😊. Sign up here:

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