Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 9.16

It’s a little crazy just how long it took me to think of these. You’d think 5 things from one week wouldn’t be hard… but y’all, I couldn’t get past the weekend!

One. This post can only start in one logical way: The first home football game at The Rock. Where I got to love on my sweet friend Katie’s baby. And I got to eat too much tailgate food. And I got to see lots of people I loved in one space. And I got to see App win!

(Speaking of Katie, she has a blog too! She posts great recipes, and writes letters to her little baby boy, and encourages others through her faith. She’s great, and you should check it out! Coffee Date with Kate)


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Two. That same day was the technical 5 year anniversary of my husband and I officially becoming “an item”:). He asked me to be his girlfriend on a breakfast picnic before the first football game of the year. I tried to discreetly quite plainly encourage a little romance and a recreation of that picnic…. Nope. It was game day, and we valued our sleep.


Three. I’ve decided to start asking for payment for sponsored posts instead of just a product to review. That’s a big decision. And I don’t really know if my blog is at that level yet. I just know the work that goes into each post, and know that I need to value my worth as an influencer. Granted, I’m not going to start demanding it from every company, especially if it’s one I really would like to work with or if the product is something I consider of adequate value. Bloggers- how do you make this decision? How do you price yourself out here?

Four. Packages! I’m at a stage where I almost expect something to come in the mail on a daily basis. Now, that’s a bit of an exaggeration… but a few packages a week is normal. (#bloggerlife). And getting mail like that? It makes me eager to get home and check it! It’s like a little surprise waiting for me to arrive:).  Mail is underappreciated.

Five. Coffee. Coffee deserves a spot on the list each and every week, but especially this week. This week has been full of 3-4 cup days, (maybe with an occasional 5) and it’s been all I could do to stay awake. I’ve been pulling back out the Energems. Long, 12 hour workdays and the every growing list of things to do after school doesn’t help either. And while I’m really excited for this weekend, I’m really not excited about waking up again at 6:00 tomorrow. So App State? Imma need you to beet Miami. Please & Thanks.

How was your week my friends?

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