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Friday Favorites

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One. Let’s kick today off with a good laugh. My dear friend, Kristen, introduced me to these videos. As a slight major 1D fan, this cracked me up.

Two. Gift Shopping. I love picking out gifts for people I love. I tend to find so many things that remind me of them and end up buying more than I expect. This is by no means an indicator of my gift-giving abilities, just my inclination to enjoy shopping for others:).

Three. Cooking. I made a goal to cook more throughout this month, and although there is certainly still room for improvement, there has been growth! Brett has had 3 home cooked meals this week. I consider that a success!

Four. Holiday apparel. Truth: I have been soaking up the fact that its totally acceptable for teachers to dress according to the holiday. Every time I pass by precious sweaters with polar bears and snowflakes I have to intentionally walk the other direction. I even dedicated an entire post to them [or you can just scroll through them here!]

Five. Supporting students. Saturday was quite the busy day for my husband and me. For the second year in a row, we attended The Nutcracker. Boone puts on an incredibly large show with kids and adults of all ages. Upon leaving that, we went to Watauga High School’s Mr. WHS pageant. Brett was a judge, and I think this will sum the experience up:

brett as buddy buddy and jovie

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