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Friday Favorites

One. I’m writing this from a heat-filled home. Eeeeee! We have heat, and that is a blessing. I’m not hanging my clothes by the fireplace every morning so they can get warm enough to wear. I’m not rushing through getting ready to get out of a bathroom that is freezing. And I know that many people face this as reality rather than a temporary setback. Which just reaffirms the gratefulness I feel.

Two. Girls Night. My weekend kicked off with a top notch girls night, complete with dinner out, wine, and the ultimate girl talk. I don’t know any girl who would say that these nights aren’t good for the soul.

Three. Family Time. Brett and I spent Saturday with his parents enjoying Star Wars, home-cooked food, and puzzles. Ok, maybe I was the only one enjoying the puzzle. But what a good way to spend a Saturday, right?

Four. Snow. Boone’s seeing snow a little more frequently. Now, it’s nowhere near what this heart of my is desiring… but I’ll take any I can get right now. Although, Lord, I’m still praying for just one big snow. I’d really like to be stuck in this little home of mine.

Five. Christmas Gifts! Wait.. What? My husband really likes to be intentional about his gift-giving, but sometimes needs a small push to get the right thing. This led to him purchasing two gifts online slightly close to Christmas, which both happened to arrive this week. I now have a super spiffy blog planner complete with pages for stats and planning and to-do lists and all sorts of wonderful things! Here’s to being on top of and more intentional about blogging! As for the other gift? You’ll find out at a later date;).

Darling, Dearest

Anyone else out there like a good girls night, or want to see more snow?

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