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Friday Favorites

Blessings. This has always been one of my favorite songs. What better time to recognize and sing praises of this great grace than Thanksgiving?

This version, in particular, has captured my ears as of late.

“Above all else, I adore your name. Above all else, tune my heart to sing your praise.”

My girls. I mentioned last week that I was going on my biannual girls trip. Even though we were at the beach – a supposedly relaxing place – I came back worn out and sleepy. That is solely evidence for how much fun I have with them. I’m not kidding about that; it’s laughter for days. I just love them so stinkin’ much. Those friendships where time is not a factor in the equation…they are the best.

When students make your day. Even though I’m a gifted teacher and generally have great kids, I still have days when students frustrate me and disappoint me. And I still have kids that make me forget that I only see them a little bit each week and prove that authentic relationships can happen.  At the recent book fair, two students bought me books. That isn’t out of the ordinary for kids at a book fair – to purchase books for teachers. What made this mean so much was that both of the books were personally selected. One had little life lessons and quotes, and the student tagged his favorites or ones that he thought I would appreciate. The other isn’t necessarily a kid book, but a book that the students thought I would like based on my personality- for reading in my spare time. Not to use for school, but for me. Those little acts that accompany these gifts? That shows that these students care for and appreciate me. And that just warms my heart.

Collaboration. For the first time, I was able to collaborate with another blogger this week! What’s better – we got to talk about our faith in regard to gratitude. It’s definitely a post that is work reading.

Fall smells. I loveeee the smell of fall. Pine and clove and cinnamon and berry and vanilla and pumpkin and alllll the good smells. I worked at Bath and Body Works for over 3 years in college and I was obsessed with the candles. I still [4 year later] have an entire shelf full. That doesn’t stop me for adding to my collection every year [much to my husband’s disdain]. These have me crushin’ hard:

Because I see a view like this every week, I’m going to start making it a trend to share this beautiful place in which I live. It would be a shame to keep it to myself. Waking up before daylight has it’s advantages, no doubt.

Boone NC sunrise

What made your week?

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