Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites Week 4

Great crafts? Cute Outfits? Good tips? Wise Words? I branched out of the fashion world for most of these weeks favorite’s, but these are all worth a visit!!

1.  Lizzie in Lace- DIY: The Sequined Coathanger  This just looks so cute [and easy]! I think it would be great for hanging up special occasion outfits, like a date night dress, to add a little extra anticipation to the event! Lizzie’s directions are very simple to follow.

2. The Miller Affect- NYFW Tips This is basically the master post for all tips and tricks you need to attend and master New York Fashion Week. Step inside the life of a fashion blogger and see just how much work it can really be [and all the fun you can have:)]!

3. Boone & Owl Guest Post by My Favorite Adventure- Adventures in Blogging: 3 Reasons Fashion Bloggers Deserve Props What a sweet post from a sweet girl! In terms of her 3 reasons, the first is definitely a work in process, the second is what I aim to be, and the third? It’s one of my favorite things I’ve discovered through blogging- the support of those around me.

4. Love Create Celebrate- No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake It might be very typical of me, but I love anything pumpkin. This super easy and quick cheesecake [best of both worlds, right?!] sounds like no exception!

What made this week:

Leaves. If you follow on Instagram, you’ll have already seen that the leaves in my front yard are turning the gorgeous color of fall. These red, orange, and yellow tips just warm me right up. Boone is the prettiest place to be in the fall.

Cooking. I know that sounds so simple, but Brett and I [or technically, I] never have the energy or the food supply to cook a good meal. I love cooking, but I’m very much so in the beginner stages of it. My family is composed of excellent chefs, including both grandmothers, my mother, and my sister. I’m hoping its hereditary! This week, we were able to cook a few simple meals for supper, and that little touch just adds a peace or reality to the week. It makes it seem not quite as busy, even if it makes a night a little busier.

Webinars. Y’all, I’ve always been pretty studious. I made A’s, I had a killer college GPA. When I invest in learning about something, I invest fully. I want to know as much as I can and be as equip as possible in that field. So, when tackling this new blogging thing, I’ve jumped in head first. This might mean watching multiple webinars in a week or participating in every Twitter chat I can find, but I’m learning so much.

Beauty. I saw a bumper sticker on a car earlier this week that stuck with me. I can’t remember it word for word, but the gist conveyed that if you can’t see the beauty around you, then you aren’t paying attention. There is so much truth to this statement. I am a firm believer that beauty is everywhere, especially amidst the difficulties we face. Those are the times that we see our support and realize our strength. Beauty is there in the good times too; the joy and the abundance is purely breathtaking.

So friends, study your passions. Enjoy good food. Appreciate fall in the air around you. And most importantly, seek out beauty everywhere you can. I promise, if you do that, it will overwhelm you in the best way.

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