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52 week devotional targeted at knowing the Lord's heart more

52 weeks. One year. 52 different aspects of the Lord’s heart, of what he can be for us. 52 ways in which he loves us so well. 52 reminders of how to let him take up residence in your life, and consume your heart.

I still have to pinch myself. I still have to take a deep breath every time someone approaches me with Heartbeat in their hands. I still can’t believe that it’s a book, not just a document to download. I still can’t believe friends and family have invested in it; people I don’t know have invested in it. I still can’t believe my students are reading it.

I still can’t believe God took 4 months to change my life so drastically, and give me a heart for something I never would have guessed I would have.

Heartbeat can currently be found on, qualifying for Amazon Prime shipping. It’s also available at Boone Drug locations, It Is Well in West Jefferson, and KT Leigh’s Boutique in Boone! While Heartbeat is said to be a weekly devotional, it is meant for you, the reader, to be used however you feel it’s needed. Read it daily, read it repetitively, read it as you need to. Pick and choose topics, or start from the beginning. It is yours to use.

From the first page:

Devotion (n): Love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person activity or cause. 

Devotional. A derivative of devotion. An act of loyalty, of love. Showing your devotedness. Putting forth the effort into the object of your devotion. To be done out of love, out of loyalty, and out of enthusiasm. Three things that are all. so. hard. to do. A devotional when you’re frustrated, or hurt, or wanting to escape inside yourself, away from this supposed all-controlling God? That’s the very essence of devotion. Devoted throughout all things. Devoted to the person that he is, to the activity a life of following him brings about, to the cause that his love gives.

Because his love? His heart? It is so vast. It is so dynamic. It is so incredibly difficult to grasp and understand. This devotional? This is my task, and the challenge that I put forth unto you. To understand his heart. To strive to know it, to submerse yourself within it until it becomes your very own. To make him your heartbeat.

Head here to purchase Heartbeat, and if you have, please feel free to leave a review! By all means, give me feedback for the next project I embark on;).

52 week devotional targeted at knowing the Lord's heart more


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