Jameson Scott at One Month

WHEW does time fly by with two kids?! I remember thinking right after he was born, “oh my, these are going to be the longest four months,” solely because they were the absolute hardest with Scarlett. The fact that one month is already past? Ummmm… time slow down and let me soak up snuggles with my baby!

For starters, Jameson couldn’t be more different from Scarlett. I think some of that is us as parents knowing what to do and what not to do, but I really think a majority of it is just that he’s got a different temperament. I told so many people when pregnant that Scarlett was an easy pregnancy but hard baby, and as this one was a more difficult pregnancy, I was praying for an easy baby. Jameson has shown me a completely different experience of becoming a mom to a newborn and I’m SO thankful for that!

Jameson’s likes: He loves looking at windows, ceiling fans, and the shower when it’s on. He’s a HUGE snuggler, and often just needs to be close to someone in order to relax if he’s wound up. A nurse commented on him wanting to snuggle in the hospital on day 1, and that’s remained true this month. He started off as a biggg sleeper, we think partially from coming early. He also really seems to enjoy laying on the Boppy Lounger – we use it pretty consistently throughout the day!

Jameson’s dislikes: To be honest, he doesn’t have a lot of dislikes right now. Occasionally he’ll get a little irritated being awake for a while and will need his paci. When he wakes up hungry, he’ll let you know with a screech (think dinosaur style), and he likes to get good and full before being ready to stop. He’s got a little bit of a witching hour between 5-6ish. He’s quite the gassy little boy, so I’m trying to be aware of what I eat.

Hardest part of the month: Entertaining a 2 year old while still being present for all of Jameson’s needs. Scarlett is used to so much focused attention, so adjusting to that is a challenge. And because of that, not getting to be there with/for him like I was for her. I held her practically for her first 3-4 months constantly, and I barely get to hold him at all. Sure there’s some guilt with that, but there’s also some sadness too.

Highlight of the month: There’s two highlights for this: First, the fact that he’s sleeping and eating better than his sister! With the exception of a quick bout of mastitis, I have had no problem breastfeeding this go round, which is SO different from the nightmare of a time I had with Scarlett. Part 2? How well Scarlett has taken to him. She’s so gracefully slipped into her big sister role, and dotes on him often. She isn’t too overbearing, and she definitely has her 2 year old moments, but she really has been great. She also lets mama take all the sibling pictures, so that’s a plus:)

How’s he growing? We were a little worried about his weight at first, but now he’s packing on the chub! My best guess is that he weighs just a touch over 8 pounds right now, up from 6 lb 6 oz at birth. His little cheeks are definitely filling out.

How’s he sleeping? I’m scared to type this🙈. Most nights, he wakes up twice, between 12-2 and 3:30-5:30. We get two 3-4 hour stretches most of the time, and then he tapers off till about 7-8. Twice he has woken up once a night. I’m reallly praying we paid our dues with the first and are getting a better sleeper with the second 😅. We’re also being more proactive to always put him down awake but drowsy, keeping the room dark and sound machine on, etc.

Milestones: Jameson can smile! My dad has gotten one out of him twice now, and I think I have once. Their rare and brief – but definitely caused by us and not gas or sleep!

Lastly, a fun fact! The first thing Jameson ever “saw” on TV, meaning what was on it the minute we turned it on when home from the hospital, was a home run by Ronald Acuna Jr. for the Braves (Mama’s favorite team!), so that basically means he’s destined to be a great baseball player. 😉

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