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Sometimes, I just get overwhelmed with joy. It’s Christmas Eve right now, and I definitely didn’t plan on writing a post. But joy should be shared. It’s contagious.

We just finished with our yearly traditions of a church service, Christmas lights, and present opening. My family is sitting around sharing beers and laughs and memories. Half of us are wearing new gifts, and the other half are exploring them. I’m receiving messages from past coworkers who mean so much more to me than just a coworker. And I’m just overwhelmed.

I have been given so much love in my life. In only so many years… so much love. Within a couple of hours tonight, I have felt love from friends of over 20 years and friends of 4 years. Friends 5 years younger and friends 35 years older. I’ve felt love from family members both new and old. From my parents, and sister, and new husband. And I’ve felt love from my savior.

You see, on this day we recognize his birth. He was born for many reasons, but mainly, he was born out of love. He was born to show us love and give us love. To allow us to feel love and in short, he was born to be love. These blessings that are pouring over me? They would mean nothing without him. Without a purpose for my joy. We botch this thing called life all the time. Not a day passes without our mistakes or faults being evident. We choose the wrong choices daily. So, our Lord sent us someone to overcome that. Someone who could live life without fault, yet could carry the weight of each and every one of us on his shoulders.

I can’t even begin to fathom that burden and he freely takes it. There is no better gift than the constant companion we have in Jesus. We dedicate one day to celebrating it, but something so sweet and so precious deserves praise daily. Our Lord loves us so stinkin’ much that he allowed a part of himself to become human, to feel pain, to be born of this messed up world just to bring it hope. And redeem the love that was here all along.

I have received amazing gifts. Thoughtful gifts, gifts I can’t repay. But there is nothing that will ever compare to the love I receive from my Savior. He takes me in, flaws and baggage and all, and considers me precious. And valuable. And worthy. He was born to give me the fullest life. To allow me to be as I am and still know that I’m redeemed.

My friends, what a joy it is to be loved by someone like that. To be pursued and cherished and protected and craved and challenged and desired by someone like that. Like I said, this joy is overwhelming.

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