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July 2017 Family Photos

I really could have just shared these in an album on Facebook… but see, they make me really happy. And I have this blog as a platform. So why not share them here?

The 4th of July is my dad’s birthday, so we always try to spend it together as a family. I had a top to photograph, so we decided to “kill two birds with one stone” and take the camera with us to dinner. And whenever the little one is around, the cameras are always out (hence why he’s the only thing on my Insta stories these days;)). One thing led to another, and we ended up getting to truly capture the moment. It’s going to be so nice, having these to savor as he gets older!

I have a beautiful family, don’t I?

Also, pleasseee tell me you caught Lincoln’s face in the kissing picture. Precious, right? Thank you for allowing me to dote upon my family for a bit:)

Happy Thursday!

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  • Oh my goodness, sweetness overload! You have a beautiful and blessed family.

  • Oh my. The black and white photos just melt my heart. Such precious, beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them! I can never see too many cute baby photos.

  • What beautiful family pictures! You got so many good ones–this is a good reminder to always bring a camera! You never know when you’ll have a good chance to get some memories!!

  • Candace @ Luxe…With Kids

    Honestly so so so precious and yes you do have a gorgeous family! XXOO Coming over from GYB and stuck around for a while!!! XO @luxewithkids