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March’s Best & April Goals

Where in the world did March go? Honestly, I feel like I’ve been neglecting this little blog this past month. I’ve done just enough to get posts out, but nothing more. There hasn’t been time to do anything more. I came to the hard realization that regular life has to come first, no matter how much I want to be all about the blog. And really, the only person I’m letting down is myself.

March’s Best Posts:

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The Dress of My Dreams



Old Navy Top (similar) // J. Crew Factory Skirt (similar) // Bracelets


Natural Life Dress (c/o) // Natural Life Initial Mug (c/o)


Banana Republic Factory Cardigan ($17 in stores on clearance!) // Levi’s Denim Tunic (similar) // White Plum Leggings // T.J. Maxx Wedges (similar) // Initial Necklace (similar)


Natural Life Dress (c/o) // Gap Factory Trench (on sale for $38) // Toms Sneakers (new version) // Old Navy Purse // Natural Life Bracelet, Tassel and Charms (c/o)IMG_0456

Old Navy Jumpsuit (different color) // J. Crew Factory Sunglasses // Old Navy Purse // Toms Sneakers (new version) // Purple Peridot Earrings


Old Navy Denim Dress // Old Navy Purse // Jack Rogers // Purple Peridot Earrings // J. Crew Factory Sunglasses

April Goals

Sadly, I’m struggling on this one this month. I know there’s plenty to work on, but what do I want to target that I haven’t already? Or more so, what really are obtainable goals to set? I’m keeping them all within the blogging realm, mostly because I just didn’t live up to my own expectations for March.

One. Use my planner more wisely and efficiently. When I said I’m doing just enough to get by – I meant that. I used to make lists for each week (even each day at times) and had a broad idea of when posts would be published. I’m a little scared to look in my planner right now because the last two weeks will be empty. It just helps you feel more on top of things, you know?

Two. Comment. I go through phases where this is a strength, but those phases are few and far between. Commenting makes such a big different with engagement and building community, and I love how it establishes bonds between myself and other bloggers. It’s just something that is so easy to brush aside when crunch time comes around. However, I don’t feel like I’m truly being authentic if I’m not responding or making an effort to actively read others blogs. Maybe if I set aside a certain day of the week or time period to tackle that, it would help.

Three. Get ahead in picture-taking. Too often this month, we’ve been scrounging to get pictures done in time, which leads to some late nights. I, for once, have multiple outfits planned in advance… it’s just taking the time to take pictures. And finding the locations; that isn’t always easy when I’m terrified of people watching the picture-taking happen.

Four. Begin some lifestyle and travel posts. I have lists of ideas for content, I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and write the posts (seeing a common trend here?). Those posts take research and more intentionality behind word choice, and thus a good bit of thought and time. I think taking just one day to sit and crank them out would be a great place to start, or even scraping out paragraphs here and there as they pop into my head… just getting the ball rolling. I think that’s a realistic expectation for April.

Five. Reach out to one brand. Every brand I have worked with thus far (with the exception of Litographs) has initiated contact with me.  While that definitely is the comfortable route for this somewhat passive introvert, it isn’t going to grow my blog professionally at the rate in which it could be growing. So, my goal is just to pick one brand to contact myself. And actually do it. What really is the worse that could happen there? Blogger gals, any tips or pointers you have with this are more than welcome!!!

My darling, are you ready for April? What do you hope to achieve this month? I’d love to hear about it (and actually comment back;))!

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