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Minted Wedding Websites

Unlike some girls, I loved the planning process of my wedding. I didn’t want it to end and I miss it all the time. So when Minted discussed a post featuring wedding websites, I jumped at the chance to recreate my own!

The neatest part about creating a website for a past tense wedding is getting to use my actual wedding as the inspiration for it, rather than just the vibe I wanted to set. I’m pretty sure I had an impossibly hard time picking a theme the first go-round, and this time was no different! Minted has SO. MANY. OPTIONS. I think at one point in time I had around twelve different tabs up, all with different themes I loved!

I ended up picking a theme that had the colors incorporated throughout our wedding, and a design that reminded me of these sweet mountains. It wasn’t an easy decision, but this one sold me! I highly recommend checking it out; I added a few fun features on there;).

I really love the ease that wedding websites provide in communication between guests and the couple. Not only does it allow for information regarding registries and travel and lodging to all be centrally located, it also helps guests get to know the the couple beyond just one side or the other.  It also gives the bride and groom a chance to gush on each other and their romance, which I totally took for granted in remaking my own wedding website!

Minted wedding website

What sets Minted apart in the wedding website category is the ability to match your website to all the stationary needed for your wedding. The theme I chose as the most beautiful invitations and thank you cards that can accompany it. Actually, every theme I ended up liking had matching invitations. Talk about one-stop-shop and a cohesive feel.

Minted wedding website

What really sets Minted apart is the premium feature. This enables you to create your own custom URL – which alone can cost $10-15! Brett and I officially have a website under, which I think is kind of awesome. Premium also allows you the freedom of website privacy and a photo gallery, which we definitely took advantage of.

Minted wedding website

With so many girls my age either in this phase of life, or dancing around it, I first want to stress the importance of soaking it all up. It goes by so stinkin’ fast and then you want it all back. And while you’re soaking it up, make it what you want. Pick designs, themes, and feels that you’ll look back on and want to feel and choose all over again, like I was able to with this. Anddddd if you’re already married, who’s to say you can’t have a ton of fun recreating this little chapter of your life like me:)?

Minted wedding website

*Minted provided access to the premium wedding website feature, but all opinions are my own. 

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