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Red, White, and… Black?

Black, white, and red is a timeless combo. Confession: I grew up a Carolina fan [I mean like Carolina cheerleader for Halloween and all- my mom went there!], ended up going to Duke to become an AIG teacher, and am slowly making the transition from liking light blue to royal blue. It isn’t an easy transition, and yes, I often feel like a traitor. But when you work your tail off for a school [and are awfully proud of that work]… well, you want to root for them! With that being said, I’ve always hated NC State. Always. And because of that, I’ve never really been a fan of red. [True southern football fan right here.] Even through that dislike, I still have to give props to the combination- it’s like instantly chic. This outfit in those colors isn’t really that ‘smooth’ look it often conveys, but fall + plaid are also one of those matches made in heaven. red plaid blanket scarf, black and white striped shirt, black riding boots

Darling, DearestDarling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest Darling, Dearest red plaid blanket scarf, black and white striped shirt, black riding boots

Most elements of this outfit are older, but it’s such an easy look to recreate. Striped shirts are very common, as are black boots. However, I really recommend a blanket scarf like this [and it’s only $12!]. It isn’t one you see on every other girl [#basic- but I’m so guilty of that, hence this post.] I love the plaid pattern. It’s great for lots of wear in December! I’ve also found same scarf in black. Andddd I LOVE this version of it- the red and cream are reversed.

Truth: this shirt is from Old Navy, but I like this shirt way more. The fit is just a bit looser, and the stripes are thinner. These jeans are my current favorite because the knees don’t stretch out after a little bit of wear. And lastly, these boots are from a friend! I mentioned his booth in a local store in this post. These are very similar. There are more linked below!

What are your thoughts on red, black, and white? Classy? Or, are you like me, and hold a grudge against red when really, it didn’t do anything to you:)?

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Darling, Dearest
Darling, Dearest
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