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Scarlett’s Four Month Update

** Four month pictures will be added soon, once Aunt Flo passes and we can get some good light to take them!

Ohhh you guys, month four was HARD. I’d say it was the hardest month yet. In the beginning, the main challenge was breastfeeding. Now, it’s like everything is a challenge.

I’ve tried to be really transparent about it on Instagram. I’m sure some of that is just me having an outlet to vent and complain – this parenting stuff is tough. But a huge part of it is wanting other moms to know that I get it, I’m with you, and it’s okay to talk about how tough it is. It doesn’t discredit for one second how much I love Scarlett and how thankful I am for her. It’s just a fact.

Last month I touched a bit on the fact that Scarlett was going on “nursing strikes” where she would refuse me and only want the bottle. Wellllll seems like we counter-corrected: she will now only take me and refuse the bottle. She will also refuse to feed in places and situations she’s not familiar with. I mentioned this up-and-down dilemma to our pediatrician… he said it’s a sign of her intelligence. I literally laughed out loud at that.

1 month // 2 months // 3 months

Scarlett’s Likes: Sweet girl is starting to interact with toys so much more! She’ll now want to play with them with you, and sometimes by herself. She lovesss looking at herself in the mirror – it makes her laugh more than anything! She also is quite obsessed with her hands, they pretty much constantly find a way to her mouth. She LOVES to stand up and spends probably more time than she should like that, with mom’s help! She’s still a big fan of mom and dad, and I think she now recognizes my mom too.

Scarlett’s Dislikes: Falling asleep. Scarlett gets overtired SO easily, and that can make falling asleep a huge battle with her. She also doesn’t like to be in situations she isn’t used to or familiar with. She’s very good about making her discomfort known – if she doesn’t want to be held a certain way, she’ll cry until it changes.

Hardest Part of the Month: Sleep and sickness. This month brought about a few sicknesses- Scarlett got a virus similar to Hand Foot and Mouth disease that made it extremely painful for her to eat, as she had blisters all down her throat. That led to 3 different doctor trips and a night in the ER when we were worried about dehydration (She didn’t feed for 12 hours, and didn’t pee for 16). The week following, I got sick with a fever and had to call in reinforcements to take care of Scarlett while I rested. I think both of those things, coupled with the maturity that comes with the 4-month sleep regression, in addition to just being a challenging sleeper in the first place, made for some VERY rough nights for mom and dad. We’re still working on overcoming that.

Best Part of the Month: The giggles! Ohhhh they get us. They melt us! She also can follow and track us now as we move around the house, and we love the focus that she has. Brett says the best part was that App State scored on their first drive with Scarlett in the world. Silly Daddy.

How She Has Grown/Milestones: Baby girl is getting big! She’s still a little small for her age, but she’s steadily growing on that percentage. She’s right at 13lbs 6 oz, and is 23.5 inches tall. Their best guess for her height will be 5’4″, so two inches taller than me! She hasn’t rolled over from her back to her belly yet, but she’s getting close. She’s also close to sitting up unassisted. She’s started grabbing feet and toys so much easier now, so is getting better control of her hands. She also has graduated out of the swaddle and now sleeps in a sleep sack!

What We Are Looking Forward to: We’ve got big plans for her sleeping this month. She’s currently in the Rock N Play in our room. I regret the Rock N Play 100%, but that’s something to change for the second child. We’re hoping to move her to the Rock N Play in the nursery with us sleeping in the guest bedroom upstairs (the nursery is as far from our bedroom as can be). As she gets used to that, then we plan on moving her to the crib and sleep training, probably closer to 5 months. I dread sleep training, but I also can. not. wait. for it!

We also have a lot of big plans coming up with football season and tailgating. I’m partially terrified (thanks to her feeding difficulties and need to nap every 90 minutes without fail) but know it’ll be good to get her out and about! Hopefully, Scarlett and I will start walking again soon and be able to enjoy all that fall has to offer!

With that being said, PSA: If you’re around Scarlett, please wash your hands before touching her hands! Because they are always in her mouth, we want to avoid the passage of germs whenever we can. I carry hand sanitizer with me constantly, just ask me for it! Also, if you’re around me and I seem stressed, please don’t tell me she’s fine and to relax. I know I’ve been more high strung than ever before lately – I pray about it constantly. Having someone point that out does nothing but make me mad:).

On an unrelated note, This mama now has .5 lbs left to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve lost over 40 in the last 4 months (largely due to the amount of water weight I had, I was a swollen balloon!). That’s super exciting for me, even though there’s still a little ways to go until I fit into pre-pregnancy clothing completely.

Whew! Big month. I’m hoping month 5 will be just as big, but a teensy bit easier:) If you have any tips or experience with sleep training, please let us know!

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