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Scarlett’s Two Month Update

I know baby girl is still so small, but I feel like she has gotten huge this past month! Just this past week she’s moved into size 1 diapers and is barely still fitting into newborn clothing. That first month was hard; this one has definitely been easier. Scarlett and I get out to walk almost every morning and we’re starting to get into a day-time routine (more on that in a post soon!). That has done more than anything to make me feel healthier and back to normal. New normal, that is. It’s starting to get easier to be productive at home with her, though there are still days where absolutely nothing ends up getting done. I do love learning more about her each and every day, and I love the bond she and I have formed already – she can definitely be a mama’s girl from time to time!

Scarlett’s likes: She LOVES being held face out standing up, and that’s often the best cure for tears! She also loves the morning walks with Mom and has gotten so much better at sleeping in the car seat, largely thanks to her new favorite, Lambie (her paci). She also loves having her diaper changed. She likes riding in the car, as long as it doesn’t stop at all!

Scarlett’s dislikes: Scarlett does not like falling asleep and often fights it with everything she has (we think she might be colicky, too). She hates having a dirty diaper and doesn’t like to feed if she isn’t hungry. She isn’t a fan of being sat down if she doesn’t want to be and is already showing her strong-willed personality!

Hardest part of the month: Not being able to or knowing how to soothe her during one of her crying fits. Evenings are really hard for Scarlett, particularly between 4ish(sometimes not starting till 7ish)-midnight. We have a few ways that we’ve learned help to soothe her, and we figured out its more often than not her fighting sleep, but it definitely makes us a bit frustrated that we can’t always fix it easily. We don’t like seeing her cry!

Best part of the month: Her personality is starting to show more and more. I love that she can now track me with her eyes, and I love seeing her focus in on me. Getting to take her places has been lots of fun, too!

How has she grown: Her little neck and legs have gotten so strong! She’s got really good head control when being held upright but isn’t the best at lifting it up during tummy time. We aren’t quite sure how much she weighs, but I’d guess it’s right around 10 lbs.

How are you sleeping: About the same as a month ago. She has about 2-3 nights a week that are rough, but the rest typically have 4-6 hour stretches between feedings. Her bedtime is pretty late (10-12 normally) but some nights she stays down till 5 or 6!

What we’re most looking forward to: I just can’t wait to see her start smiling! I think we’ve gotten the hint of a few here and there, and some smirks thrown in, but she definitely hasn’t started smiling regularly. Brett can’t wait to see more personality come through.

(Check out her one month update where you can see the first version of this picture there!)

2 months have flown by, but it also feels like it’s been such a long time with her. We still learn so much every single day, and every time we have something figured out, that changes the next minute. Breastfeeding has gotten much better, praise the Lord for that. We’re getting there, in the hang of things, and we’re loving it so, so much. Loving her so, so much!

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