Statement Earrings

Ok, you guys. Life has been pretty crazy lately, which leaves little time to breathe, let alone plan and photograph outfits or blog effectively. So today? No new outfit, just a type of item I’ve been wanting every single time I see them. My blogger pal Katherine always has the best statement earrings, and seeing them styled so cute makes me want them! I’m not huge on statement necklaces, but I like the impact earrings can make without clogging up an outfit. And they are so dang fun!

The collage is clickable, so if you see a pair you like, click away!

So many of my favorites are listed above, but there are definitely more! It’s pretty obvious that I have a thing for tassels, and this might be the only way I really love bright colors. I think these type of earrings remind me of summer and the beach, which helps me trick myself into thinking they’re closer. They also stand out in my mass of hair, which is definitely a plus!

Which are your favorites?

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You can also shop the earrings above, as well as other favorites, below!

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