How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day

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There are few people I know that hate mornings more than I do. By few, I mean none. Waking up is a struggle for me on a daily basis, and it sets the tone of my day. When in college, if I was tired, my negative attitude and suffering would only affect me.  As a teacher, the suffering isn’t just mine alone. If I’m not present, mind and body, at school, I affect my students as well. There is a clear-cut difference in how I teach and what my students learn when I am energetic and focused rather than barely awake. And y’all, I’ve found the game-changer. What makes a huge difference in my day-to-day attitude, in the excitement that I can share with my students? Enter Energems. Chocolate Energy. Yes, you read that right. Deliciousness coupled with vitamins and caffeine. The perfect type of supplement – and I even get to provide you with a cash back offer!

How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day with Energies #ad #TheBestMe

Now that I teach all day and blog all night, being tired has become all the more frequent – which isn’t ok. Too often, energy is the hardest thing for me to grasp onto yet what I need the most. Over the past year, I’ve gained a few tips and tricks that help me find energy when there seems like none can exist. So, how do I balance these two jobs while still being mentally present where I am? Especially when a strong cup of coffee is impossible to obtain?

How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day with Energies #ad #TheBestMe


One. Stay active. Movement works wonders to help my energy levels. It can be as simple as pacing within my classroom, or taking a brief walk down the hallway and back. Even getting up and folding some blankets or rearranging pillows at home. Any small bits of movement help to kick my body and mind into motion and increase my alertness.

Two. Drink water often. This is so easy to have on hand and is such a huge help to keep your body ready to handle the day. Just like mornings, drinking water is a struggle for me. I’m the rare type that doesn’t like the taste, but adding fruit or an essential oil really helps to make me want it.

Three. Pump the music up. I’m a big fan of easy-going music, but when I need to find some energy, upbeat tunes are the way to go! I’m partial to oldies, especially in a school setting, but anything with a faster pace will do.

These three tips are great… but when I lack energy, walking around or enjoying fast music are typically not high on my list of favorite activities. Those often seem to require energy, which is what you’re hoping to garner in the first place. Lucky for you, I’ve found something that makes all the difference, that provides the much-needed caffeine boost without requiring anything of you.

Four. Energems. Be prepared to have these rock your world. For starters, they are delicious. They come in three flavors, all involving dark chocolate. The worst thing about them is having to limit yourself to three. But that’s just it… all you need is at most three little morsels for a sufficient caffeine boost! Both my husband and I have used them one, two, or three at a time depending on how sleepy we’re feeling, and we’ve noticed the impact with each amount. Late night car rides, food comas after big meals, making yourself get out of bed on a Saturday… we’re finding loads of uses for Energems.

How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day with Energies #ad #TheBestMe

Three Energems contain 133 mg of caffeine, which is approximately the amount in a large cup of coffee. They also contain more than your daily amount of both vitamin B and D, giving you physical energy and a healthy mental state, respectively.* They have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. I know, I know… Energems don’t exactly seem real, do they? But they are. And for someone (cough cough, me) prone to getting jittery with too much caffeine, if taken as directed, there’s no risk of that. There also isn’t that big sugar rush (and crash) that can often come with a sweetened coffee drink.

How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day with Energies #ad #TheBestMe

Need more encouragement as to why Energems are so great? You can take them anywhere. The package is small enough for a purse, book bag, or to sit on a desk. Because I’m a teacher, it’s impossible for me to get a strong cup of coffee in the middle of the day. But it isn’t fair for the students that see me then to be short-changed due to my lack of energy. Energems fix that. They give me the boost I need to give students 100% of my attention and alertness. They even had the ultimate test of keeping me energized throughout our end-of-grade exams this week (with no coffee in my system)… and y’all, they passed with flying colors!

How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day with Energies #ad #TheBestMe

Want me to make it even sweeter for you? Head here to get $2.00 back on your purchase! Energem’s are located at most Walmart’s in the diet and nutrition aisle. The Walmart in Lenior carried them on the top shelf, making it easier to spot. It’s quite a challenge to pick a favorite flavor, but I think the Mint Dark Chocolate just barely edges out the regular Dark Chocolate in my book. Minty, chocolatey goodness really can’t be beaten.

How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day with Energies #ad #TheBestMe

What keeps you energized throughout the day?

Want to give them a try? Get cash back on Energems here, or find more information here!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product was not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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