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Sunday Seven 10.2

One. Roses. I am the kind of girl that likes getting flowers, something I remind my husband of often. He, on the other hand, prefers to give them on very special occasions…. and when he messes up:) After a little bit of miscommunication, I ended up with the most GORGEOUS bouquet of red roses. Happy wife, happy life:)!


Speaking of flowers… I am always in need of more vases. One of my favorite easy ways to decorate is through the use of dried flowers.

Two. Pride. Y’all, my kids have been showing me lots of reasons to love them lately. From being self-motivated learners, to displaying confidence and ability- I’ve just been really proud of them. Which makes teaching a heck of a lot more fun.

Three. Prioritizing. October is going to be crazy busy.  I’m writing something (for you guys- get excited!) but that means that any spare bit of free time I have will be either building an email list or spent working on this project. Which is awesome, and it’s time that I want to spend on it, but it just means I’ll be living on coffee for a little while!

Four. Courses. Y’all I’ve watched 3 webinars and taken 1 email course and 1 online course this week. That’s a lot of extra learning. All in all, they’ve each been beneficial – which I can’t always say is true. What I am learning? There are SO MANY resources out there for bloggers and entrepreneurs alike. Such a wealth of knowledge available- which is kind of awesome.

Five.  Fall Decor. We have friends visiting from my husband’s hometown in Florida this weekend, so we really wanted the house to feel fall-ish and homey. I’ve been pinning like crazy ways to add fall decor to our current color themes (brighter blues for the most part) and am really leaning toward neutral decor as much as possible. While our decorations are in no way Pinterest-worthy, it is making me happy:)

Six. King! I had the pleasure of escorting my husband on Friday night at the high school football game, as he was voted the Faculty Homecoming King!


Seven. Pretty fall weather that’s perfect for football games. We have hit the 60 degree high days, where the nights are the most wonderful type of chilly. I positively love it.


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