Friday Favorites

Sunday Seven 9.25

One. Surprise Parties. One of my absolute best friends celebrated a birthday this Saturday, but because this was such a busy weekend for all of us, we ended up celebrating it on Friday night. Her husband took her out to eat, and my husband and I went back and decorated their house. The look on her face when they came home and a group of us got to surprise her? Priceless! I wish I had a picture.

Two. Tailgates. We played Miami this past weekend, and while the game was quite a bummer, the tailgate was awesome. We had so. many. people. come by! As we started at 8:00 in the morning (which meant we started cooking at 6!), it was a breakfast tailgate, complete with biscuits and gravy, hashbrown casserole, mojitos, mimosas and more. It was SO fun. And then we went into the game only to see Eric Church (an Appstate alum) bringing the game ball onto the field. That rocked.


Three. Sweet friends staying the night. This makes two weekends in a row that we’ve gotten to enjoy the company of our sweet friends Katie and Gray and their 3-month old Landon. Friday night ended with some much needed quality catch up time.

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Four. Weddings and Sunsets. Our crazy long Saturday continued with a wedding reception that night. I had never been to Elk Knob before, but if you live in Boone- you NEED to check this place out. It was absolutely stunning. There were fire pits scattered all over, a local live band, and one of the most epic sunsets I’ve ever seen in the mountains, and I’ve seen my fair share.


Five. Facebook, and my friends. You see, I was really close to reaching 1000 Facebook likes. And I really wanted to reach 1000. And I felt like it was attainable by the end of September. And so I decided to reach out for help. I shared this little blog’s Facebook page on my personal profile, and was overflowed with sweet friends helping out and liking the page! Literally, in one day, over 100 likes came through. It’s kind of intimidating because that means more real-life friends are aware of this aspect of my life, but it’s worth it. I have no need to feel embarrassed for sharing something that I love doing, right? I surpassed my goal, and it made me feel really happy.

Six.  Kyah. When my sister and her husband leave town (most likely for one of the bajillion weddings she’s been a part of this year), we take care of one of her pups. I love this pup, and have shared her on here before. She’s just the absolute sweetest, and she happens to love time with Aunt Emily:) Since Saturday was such a pretty day up here (all be it quite warm), Kyah and I spent some time enjoying the fresh air!


Seven. Big things to come. Okay so I definitely tried to establish a newsletter like two months ago, and I failed. Finding the time to create emails on top of probably too many posts? That wasn’t happening. But see, I have this plan. Of something really big and really exciting. And in order for it to come to fruition the way I’d like it to, I need to have a sizable email list that I use consistently (not bombardidly). Legally, I promise not to sell your email; ethically, I promise not to spam you with too much! Please sign up?:)

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