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This LuLaRoe Craze

It’s not a secret; I’m rather fond of clothing. And if I had to pick one word to label my style by, I’d go with comfortable. That’s what I base all my wardrobe decisions around.

I’ve heard of LuLaRoe for quite some time – I have friends and family members that are consultants or have hosted a pop-up. I’ve explored it, but have always written it off as not for me due to the amount of prints. I’m not a print type of girl typically – I’m solids, basics.

I was wrong. WAY wrong.

Hello, my name is Emily, and I’m becoming a LuLa-holic.

lularoe irma and lularoe one size leggings outfit

lularoe irma and lularoe one size leggings outfit lularoe irma and lularoe one size leggings outfit lularoe irma and lularoe one size leggings outfit lularoe irma and lularoe one size leggings outfit lularoe irma and lularoe one size leggings outfit lularoe irma and lularoe one size leggings outfitLuLaRoe Irma top in XS // LuLaRoe One Size Leggings // Over-the-Knee Boots // Similar Crossbody

Over the next two weeks, I’m teaming up with two incredibly sweet LuLaRoe consultants, Shelli and Sabrina, to bring you a wide variety of looks and styles all a based on LuLaRoe. The first of which brings about the item I’ve heard the most talk of – the leggings. I’m a HUGE supporter of leggings myself, and would wear them every single day if I could. When I put these on, I was a little worried they would be too small for me, but they seem to mold to your shape. They also don’t slide down the longer you wear them, they stay on your waist. Buttery-soft was not an exaggeration.

As for this top, helloooo perfect tunic for leggings. One of the things I’ve liked best about the LuLaRoe pieces I received is how small they make me feel. I relayed my normal size to my consultants, and they selected the size of the pieces they sent. I don’t remember the last time I wore an XS in something, but this shirt is perfect in that size! I will gladly take that confidence boost, please and thank you. I love that the Irma is incredibly flattering to all different body shapes, and even being hi-lo, it’s still long enough in the front for me to feel comfortable wearing it with leggings.

I’m pretty stoked to be sharing these next few looks with you. Don’t be a skeptic like me, LuLaRoe is definitely worth a try! Check out Shelli and Sabrina’s group here to find out more and follow along as they launch this week! Shelli and Sabrina both have a giveaway running on their personal pages to prepare for the launch, Shelli’s found here and Sabrina’s found here!

Also, if you missed Friday or Sunday’s posts, be sure to check them out. They are both related to my faith. If you’re on social media in any way, shape, or form, you’ve no doubt been surrounded with political posts lately. I respond to a select group of those in Sunday’s post.

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  • I also have a couple things from LuLaRoe to review – the leggings are amazing! I wish I could’ve gotten that same Tunic as you … looooove it.

  • I was also skeptical for awhile but am totally on board with LuLaRoe now! I still don’t wear tons of crazy patterned leggings but I love some of their dresses!

  • I swear I’m the last person on earth to try LulaRoe. I need to–these look like great pieces, and I keep hearing such awesome things about them!!

  • I’ve heard sooo much about these leggings, but have always been put off by how freakin’ HARD it is to buy them! There’s a trunk show in my town this weekend though, so maybe I’ll swing by. Thanks for your input!
    { Katie Actually }

  • Natalie

    Love your hair!