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Walmart Fashion Finds

Confession: Being a stay at home mom and living off of one income isn’t easy (duh). It’s been an adjustment for us, and is a sacrifice, no doubt. We budget like crazy now. Add in the fact that it took 10 months for me to finally want to look cute and dress in something besides leggings and tees… clothes shopping just hasn’t been a priority.

That is, until I started getting comfortable in my own skin again. I’m not nearly as frustrated as I used to be when I looked in the mirror, and that’s such a great feeling, y’all. It makes me want to shop, want to buy clothes that actually fit and flatter the body I’m working hard to get. Enter Walmart, a surprisingly great place to find cute clothes 😂

A lot of bloggers I follow post clothing that is way out of my price range. $30 for a basic tee or $100 for a regular dress is NOT a deal to me. Thats one of the reasons I love following Ali Fedotowski Manno on Instagram – she shares legit good deals on clothing. I kept seeing her share Walmart finds, and decided to go looking for myself!

I like these pants so much that I have them in two styles☺️ . I’ll be honest, when I first saw these on the hanger, I really thought they’d look tacky as all get out. But wanting to be a little bolder in my style, I decided to give them a go. It helped that they’re literally the softest things in the world.

Y’all, these pants work w o n d e r s for your butt🙈. I wore the 70s-esque pair out in downtown Asheville and got hit on more than I have in years. 😂Needless to say, I probably won’t wear them much without Brett around, but they do make you feel great. They’re high waisted and pretty long, so with heels they make your legs seem to go on forever.

I’ve gotten more complements on these pants than I have on any single article of clothing in a long while – both styles. Best part? They’re less than $8. I’m wearing a large, which is a teensy bit big on me. The medium was a touch small, though.

The tee I’m wearing with both is also from Walmart, and also less than $8. I first got it in white and have since bought it in 3 more colors… with plans of purchasing others! There’s a lilac version that’s calling my name. It doesn’t need a cami underneath, it’s a great length, and it’s perfectly in between fitted and baggy. It’s going to be the best summer tee!

I’ve got my eye on a few other Walmart finds I want to add to my closet, but I’m trying to space out the purchasing. Hopefully this helps someone else be brave, too!

Anddd I apologize for the mirror-selfie style of pictures. When I don’t see my husband until after dark each night, it makes it impossible to actually get something of quality🤷🏼‍♀️.

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