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Why Year 26 Was the Year I Learned to Follow My Dreams

With the exception of childhood Emily who wanted to be a professional figure skater, I’ve never been one to have big dreams. I mean, I’ve always been a big day-dreamer, but I’ve never had those dreams for myself. Be a teacher, be a mother, raise my kids, live close to family. Easy dreams, simple dreams.

And then I had an idea. It wasn’t a long time in the making. It wasn’t something I grew up imagining. Not so much a dream, but a want. A desire. So I started a blog.  I hoped that the blog would grow. I hoped it would become more. I hoped that it would allow me, down the road, to stay home with my kids. I never expected it to go beyond the blog, though.

And then, I had a dream. I had an idea that became more than an idea: it became a passion and a goal and a slightly-out-of-reach-but-I-was-determined-to-reach-it dream.

I thought, at 26 and 5 years into teaching, that I was pretty settled. I thought that I had made my decision for what my life would be, what career I would have and the extent in which I would take that career. I didn’t necessarily think that I could be more.

At 26, I learned that a dream isn’t just a decision you make or a place in life you want to be. It isn’t just a goal you live up to or an achievement you want to succeed in. I learned that a dream is something in your life that ripples into all others. It’s a challenge, it’s always a challenge. It isn’t easy; if it was, it wouldn’t be a dream to begin with.

It wasn’t so much that I learned how to follow my dreams, it was that I learned that I wasn’t too old to have them.

At 26, I learned that a dream is just as possible now as it was when I was a 8 year old, thinking that I was going to be the next Kristi Yamaguchi. And finally, at 26, I learned that I had what it took. If I could let myself imagine something, then I could let myself chase after it.

Long, wordy post, but it all boils down to one thing: If I can plan, write, publish, and promote a book in one year and surpass my own human dreams of what it could be, then I’d venture to say that you have no idea what you could become, either.

And if this girl can let herself dream, so can you, friends.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Thanks for helping make this year of dreaming a reality for me:).

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  • I’m so thankful you started this blog! Crossing paths with you has been my favorite–and I’m so glad chasing your dream let us have one more thing in common! You’re my favorite author friend 🙂 HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Such a heartfelt and special post. I definitely struggle at 28 years old with dreams that I’ve “let go” and what I still even want to do with my life, so this was a good reminder. You are such an inspiration!

  • So crazy how we never know where life will really take us! We just have to enjoy the ride! So happy you are finding new dreams!

  • I appreciate this encouragement because I’m right at a crossroads of possibilities. I could pick the easy safe route or I could pick the scary, unknown dream-chasing route. I’m trusting God will help me make the right decision. As for you…I’m so glad you started this blog and made your dream happen. It is such a beautiful inspiring place <3