A Year in the Life… of this Blog:)

A year and a half. That’s how long I’ve been blogging. It really does feel like I’ve been at this for as long as I can remember, but it also feels like yesterday that it started up. I know, cliche. But really. 

You know, I’ve had quite the eclectic bunch of posts on the blog this year. I’ve worked with some incredible companies. I’ve written my heart out, and I’ve written posts I’m kind of embarrassed to look back at. But some? Some make me happy every time I look at them. That blogging has opened up this whole world to me, so many possibilities. I mean, thanks to blogging, I published a book yesterday. What? 

I saw another blogger organize her favorites from the year into the different categories of her blog, and I think I’m going to follow in suit! These are a combination of the posts you guys liked the best (that got the most views) and the posts that like the best:).

Note: This was so much harder than I expected. I have written a lot of posts this year!


How to Make the Most of Lent – Out of all the faith-based posts I’ve written, this one has received the most attention. It’s one of the few that are advice-giving rather than about my personal experience.

Defeated – Talk about wearing my heart on my sleeve, I let you in on ALL my feelings, and the trouble I had on the road to publishing Heartbeat. Even though it was earlier this month and feels like such a small bump now, I vividly remember the exasperation I felt then. I needed to feel it, to see just how great my Lord is.

It’s Okay To Be Angry with the Lord – This year held a whole lot of hurt for a whole lot of people. This post was written amidst some of my hurt, and hopefully helped others.

It is Well – This might be one of my favorite posts…ever. It’s brief, but it says exactly what I want it to say.

How One Man Became the World – This was the post I came back to time and time again when writing Heartbeat, trying to get my words right. It was written for Easter, but it’s a needed reminder every day of the year


Robert Chou Photography

10 Truths Every Curly Haired Girl Knows– If you have hair like mine, this is a must read. I got a kick out of writing it, and hopefully you’ll have a laugh or two while reading it!

The Ultimate Fall Dress – One of my favorite dresses I’ve had on the blog. Fun to wear, my favorite color, super soft- this dress does no wrong.

The Book was Better – This graphic tee rocks, and is the perfect way to casually dress as a teacher!

Pastels and Brights – This outfit is kind of different for me, but I think that’s why I love it! And Robert Chou Photography, I love that too:).

Cozy Cardigan– Out of ALL my posts, I feel the most pretty in this one. You know what I mean? It also happens to have been pinned more than most of the others:)


10 Ways to Get Noticed as a Blogger – I loved writing this post! I loved the response it got in the blogging community. I want to write more like this soon; any interest?

10 Reasons it Rocks Being a Bookworm – Ok, so this is technically a style post. But I like the content in it more than the pictures:)

What I’ve Learned in One Year of Marriage – Any chance to look at wedding pictures again, I’ll take! But really, this post was a pleasure to write. The comments were also fun to read!

I’m Not Her, and That’s Ok – Blogging surrounds you in a world of comparison, and it isn’t always easy to fight. This is my response and how I cope.

How to Tell your Humans You’re Hungry – Definitely a one-of-a-kind post, this was written by my cat, Pippa;).


Valentine’s Day In – This company still remains one of the most awesome I’ve stumbled upon. I purchase things from them regularly, and this shirt never fails to receive compliments!

My Darling, My Beautiful One – Steph is one of the sweetest people blogging has introduced me to! She makes the most beautiful hand-lettered journals and prints, and I had the pleasure of sharing them!

More Than Me – This post actually got shared on the Natural Life Blog too! More Than Me is an incredible organization, and definitely worth checking out!

I’m In Love. With A Dress. – The post that started my obsession love for Natural Life. What you don’t know is that when they reached out to collaborate, I chose 3-4 items. They sent me 10. I came home to a box of goodies and called my mom and we both cried at how incredible this company was, and the blessings blogging had led me to. This post also has my sister, double win.

Fishtail French Braid Tutorial – My first sponsored post, this one got picked up by Social Fabric and promoted on Facebook! It has ten times more views than any other post.

This post really is more for me than you guys, I have so much fun looking back through them all:)! I’d love to hear your favorites, too!

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