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10 Items Everyone Should Have When Traveling

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I am the textbook definition of an over-packer. While a majority of that is due to my affinity for clothing, it’s also because I never want to be without something that I need. Especially when traveling or on vacation, I want to be fully equipped for whatever might come my way. That could be a spontaneously free afternoon perfect for a good book, a rapidly draining phone battery, or a domineering headache that limits my enjoyment.

This past summer kicked off with an epic three-week adventure for me, traveling to New Orleans, Charleston, and my own hometown. It wasn’t as if they were leisure vacations per say, but rather jam packed and super fun. We spent most of our time sight-seeing and enjoying the towns. I wanted to take in everything – it’s not everyday you get to walk down Bourbon Street or explore the houses along the Battery. This led to being on-the-go a lot, trying to squeeze it all in. This, in turn, lead to the need to carry a few necessities with me.

See, also kicking off at the beginning of the summer were ever-frequent tension headaches. I started getting headaches all too often, to the extent that I would need to close my eyes or block out the world around me. I learned very fast that going anywhere without Excedrin® Tension Headache was not a good idea.  

If there’s anything true about traveling, it’s that you want to be present where you are. Having these 10 items and the Excedrin® products with me enabled me to enjoy myself, soaking up each and every moment spent in these fascinating cities. A once-in-a-lifetime experience is not something you want interrupted by the peskiest of headaches!

10 items everyone should have when traveling #moremomentswithexcedrin #ad

One. Headphones. Sometimes, blocking out the world around you is exactly what you need to do. Whether it’s a plane ride or you’re in the car, headphones are a really smart thing to have with you. Mine get a good amount of use at night as I’m trying to fall asleep or wind down from the day – that way I can listen to music or watch TV shows without disrupting those around me.

Two. Lip Balm. Because who wants to have chapped lips? Not only is this noticeable when someone first meets you, but it also makes you feel very uncomfortable. Especially if you are traveling somewhere dry or sunny, lip balm is a must to throw in a bag.

Three. E-reader/book. You will not see me travel without this item. Say you have a long car ride, you happen upon a pool, you attend a conference that you really just can’t focus through – enter the e-reader. Every single night when traveling, I spend about an hour reading. That’s a tale-tell sign that I’m on vacation when I have time to really read.

10 items everyone should have when traveling #moremomentswithexcedrin #ad

Four. A pen. How often do people say, “Does anyone have a pen?” It’s always handy to have when signing receipts and bills at restaurants, but it’s also just handy to have in general. You never know when you’ll need to write something down!

Five. Mints. Easily one of my favorite things about traveling is experiencing the food of a new location. New Orleans and Charleston? Those cities are a foodie’s dream! But eating all this new food? You don’t want the world around you to know what you ate, as well:). Mints are a must for a day spent adventuring when brushing your teeth isn’t a feasible option after particularly interesting meals.

Six. Portable Phone Charger. I’m completely guilty of taking pictures of anything and everything when traveling. I want to be able to revisit it all. I also want to stay plugged into the real world and my job. This has been a life-saver SO many times when on vacation or traveling, or even just during day-trips. (Don’t forget the cord to charge your phone as well!)

10 items everyone should have when traveling #moremomentswithexcedrin #ad

Seven. Excedrin®. Another life-saver? This little gem, Excedrin® Tension Headache. A headache when you’re traveling is the absolute worst, as it distracts you from truly experiencing and enjoying where you are. If you’re on the go, bouncing from location to location and staying active, you don’t want to be held back by something that you can fix. Excedrin® Tension Headache came in SO handy on my vacations (and many days since then) It’s aspirin free! If you tend to just have regular headaches, I recommend Excedrin® Extra Strength, as it provides relief in as little time as 15 minutes.

Eight. Bandages. I know, I know, this is a total mom item, right? But really, I’ve learned from experience that this is a product you should always have! You never know when you will bump into something, scratch an unlikely object, or be able to supply one to someone else in need.

Nine. Dollar Bills. I’m all too guilty of not carrying these around on a daily basis, but they are a must when traveling. Truly experiencing a location means enjoying the sights and sounds. Single dollar bills can be used for tips, for small transactions, and for souvenirs. You just don’t want to be presented with a situation when you should be able to provide a tip and can’t!

Ten. Sunglasses. No matter where you travel to, these are always a must to take! And while it seems like somewhat of a given, they tend to be an item I forget. You want to be able to see where you are, no matter how bright the day!

Other Notables:

10 items everyone should have when traveling #moremomentswithexcedrin #ad

While these items don’t need to be carried with you everywhere, it’s smart to take them along on a trip anyway. I always make sure to have either a sweatshirt or blanket in case I’m particularly cold where we are staying. I also always have Excedrin® PM Headache with me so that I’m not plagued with a headache when I’m trying to fall asleep. That tends to be the time that I get headaches most often, and when I’m traveling it’s critical to get a good night’s rest. Just be sure to use any Excedrin® product only as directed*!

These items can pretty much all be found at your local Walmart! The Excedrin® is mixed right in with the pain relief and fever reducing medications, very easy to spot!

10 items everyone should have when traveling #moremomentswithexcedrin #ad

*Please be sure to view the Excedrin® Warnings of Usage for all product claims and information. Please only use the products as directed!

What are your go-to products for travel? If you’ve faced the problem of a headache that limits your ability to enjoy the moment, I highly recommend checking out Excedrin®. I’ve used it for years, and it has yet to fail me. Follow along on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more information, and pin the image below to help others be prepared to enjoy each moment of vacation, too!

10 items everyone should have when traveling #moremomentswithexcedrin #ad


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