16 Items Every Muggle Needs in Their Harry Potter Collection

So, you think you’re a Harry Potter fan? Let’s put that to the test. Just how decked out can you be in HP gear? This collection of 16 items can be fitting for all ages of fans, because you never outgrow your wizardry;).

I’m going to assume, like any good muggle who’s still waiting on their letter, that you already have your wand at the ready. These items range from a little out of the box to classy and luxurious and everything in between!

Sorting Hat Bath Bomb

You can pick your house or have them surprise you instead!


House Sweatpants

I actually have a pair of these pants of the Ravenclaw variety and they are one of the most comfortable pairs I own.


Hogwarts “Starry Night”

I’m a sucker for things that don’t look nerdy at first glance, but completely are. This could easily blend into a home decor!


Alex and Ani Harry Potter Collection

Perfect for the HP fan not quite ready to boast about their love so boldly;).


Wizard Chess Set

Shouldn’t every true Harry Potter fan have one of these?


Hogwarts Alumni Bumper Sticker

Not gonna lie, I’ve been jealous of every person that has one of these on their car. I wish I was as cool as them.


Unbreakable Vow Wedding Card

I want to go back in time and give these to every friend I’ve had that’s gotten married… including myself.


Golden Snitch Locket

Every time I’ve worn this, I always feel a little bit of pride for the friends that actually recognize it. You get me, you’re a true fan too!


Coffee Mugs

Simple, I know. But such an easy way to declare your affinity!


Champagne Flutes & Wine Glasses

Doesn’t everything just feel a touch classier with Snape’s famous line?


The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter

The crafter in me is dying for this. It sounds SO fun!


Alohomora Key Holder

A way to end the constant hunt for missing keys AND show off your HP status? Win-win!


Your Very Own Set of Quidditch Supplies

Because isn’t that what all families do at get-togethers, play Quidditch together? (Brooms sold separately)


Quidditch Gear

You can’t play without repping your house, now can you?


Harry Potter Socks

No one will know you’re secretly geeking out inside of your shoes. I pick what house I wear based on my mood. You could even hide one in a book and free a house elf;).


Throw Pillows

I’m a huge sucker for decorative throw pillows, and these all would blend in so easily with a variety of home decor feels!


If you’re anything like me, then you know want just about everything in this post. Hey, Christmas is soon, isn’t it?:)



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