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A Year of Beginnings

2015 was a mega big year. Like, huge. I mean… I got married. We bought a house. I started a blog. Big chapter, right?

There is no way that I could have known what I was getting myself into when I started this blog. A hobby, yes, but something that requires as much time as a job in order to be successful? Yeah, no way of knowing that. But truthfully, I wouldn’t change a single thing. It means so much to me to hear my friends say they are proud of me [Yeah, that’s you Marjorie]. Or that they have started to become bolder in their own fashion choices [You rock, Kim!]. Or to find out a current coworker takes the time to read each new post? [I’m lookin’ at you, Calista:)]  And when I tell a story that I wrote about on the blog, and find out my [farthest thing from a blog-reader] brother-in-law reads it too?  It all means so much and makes these endless hours so worth it.

I have been blogging for over 5 full months, and I have already met some of the greatest women. Whether it be through Instagram or the blogging community itself – I cannot wait to see what friendships will develop and how my life will continue to be changed. I’m so thankful for this place of mine. So, so thankful.

Even within a couple of months, there are posts that [already] I cringe to look back upon, and posts that I wish I could write again and again. And like every other blogger out there, I’m recapping my favorites. It all started with my first post. And from there, three categories began.

The most important words I write – faith based posts:

The Two Most Important Books I Own.

If Rain is a Gift from the Lord.

Just Stop.


To Brighten a Christmas Tree.


The most exiting words I write – wedding posts:

A Brides Necessities When Planning a Wedding.

The Details.

Literary Themed Centerpieces.

literary centerpieces

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Dress.

How to pick the perfect wedding dress

The most frequent words I write – style posts:

To be Radiant at a Wedding.

Formal Dress on To Be Gracious and Golden

The Classic LPD. [One of my favorites – love that dress!]

Darling Dearest Hot Pink Dress

A Blue Floral Dress.

View More:

You Can Never Go Wrong with Black and Gold

View More:

What Makes a Good Transition Piece

Khaki Skirt, White V Neck Shirt, Navy and White Cardigan, and TJMaxx Booties

Simple Accessories.

Heather Gray Sweater Dress, Blush Coach Wristlet, Pale Blue Flats

High Waisted Jeans.

Darling, Dearest

Rainy Game Day Outfit.

Yellow Rainboots, Skinny Jeans, Black Long Sleeve Tea, and Gray and White Blanket Scarf

Layered Sweater.

Darling, Dearest

Fringe Poncho

fringe T.J. Maxx poncho, dark brown cowboy boots

Fringe and Stripes.

fringe poncho, striped shirt, burgundy pants, and OTK boots

Olive Green.
Striped turtleneck, gray vest, olive pants, and cognac boots

A Black Shawl. 
classy black shawl, burgundy shirt, and black boots

Blanket Scarves and Boot Socks.
Tartan plaid blanket scarf with a white sweater and green fair isle boot socks

Cozy and Casual. 
oversized cardigan with a shift dress, leggings, and otk boots

New Year’s Eve

Darling, Dearest

Honorable Mention: How to Relax Curly Hair


That was a lot. I know. I would truly, truly love to know what your favorites were! Or advice or ideas for next year- I don’t just write this thing for myself. I’d love to hear from you!












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