2016. Let’s Do This.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite a while. But I truly had no idea what to aim for or resolve to change. Resolutions are so frustrating. The idea is so great, to make yourself better and become who you’d like to be, but the reality of them? They never happen. At least for me. Maybe you’ve got the secret to fulfilling these yearly intentions. Maybe you’re also superwoman.

So what can I really change? What can I guarantee to myself [and to this little community of wonderful friends] that I will work toward and challenge myself to uphold?

Some of these may be quite petty, but a few have merit.2016 resoltions 2

Let’s start by being cliche, shall we? Get healthy. I know that this is possible, because starting in January last year I was able to lose what I wanted and be in my best shape for my wedding in June. My confidence was so much greater than it was before and is now. My husband would get frustrated over how obsessively I counted calories and worked out. But he was able to see the difference in how I viewed myself and knew it was worth it. I let myself go after the wedding, and I want that back.

Bouncing off of that last one, I want to cook meals I’m proud of. I truly do enjoy cooking. I’m just not always in the mood for it. I’d rather play around with what I have than use a recipe, but I love having recipes to help gain new ideas. I want to try different foods and make new combinations and stop making the same homemade chicken tenders or pasta sauce each and every time. This requires energy for both my husband and I at the end of the day [someone’s got to wash the dishes cause it certainly won’t be me;)]. We’ll see how this one goes.

Learn how to use make-up. Is that a silly one? Maybe. I know, I’m an adult. I’ve had make-up on my face for many years now. It’s just the same exact look every single day. And it’s basic… which definitely isn’t a bad thing. My sister saw me without make-up this weekend and remarked that I looked tired. When I told her why, she was surprised as she didn’t know I wore enough to make a difference. I want to learn how to have fun with make-up, experiment with it. I want to invest in stuff that lasts and works. I want to be able to allow my face to dress up an outfit… if that makes sense.

 Grow. I’ve got big plans for this little blog this year. I want to post content worth your time. Clothes that are worth sharing and words that are worth reading. And I want to actually turn a profit off of it. I want to collaborate with other bloggers and connect with more companies. I want the motivation to not be complacent and constantly seek opportunities to strengthen my professionalism. I’m slightly overwhelmed with all the avenues available for improvement. Here’s to a big year with all that!

Being that we’re new homeowners and all, I want to make the most of this home of ours. It isn’t exactly a fixer-upper, but it could be fixed up into our own. I’m not much of a landscaper, but I want to be proud when I pull up into the driveway. I want this space to be a reflection of us and our passions and personalities. It’s well on it’s way there, I just want to continue showing it love and really make it into a home.

Probably the biggest struggle goal of all is that I want to hold myself accountable. This blog helps. It reminds me often of what I have to be thankful for. It encourages me to meditate on what I believe in and to share it with others. Still, I need to spend more time in the Word. I need to pray. I need to talk to my Lord, and quit trying to handle life on my own. [You feel the same way? Check back on Thursday for a post elaborating on this a bit more!]

 I can’t promise this is the final copy of this post. Chances are more goals will come to me as time passes… as they should. With that being said, I’m open to suggestions! What goals have you set for the coming year?

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