Arbonne 30 Day Cleanse – One Girl’s Take

I never thought I’d take on a detox or 30 day cleanse solely for the fact that I loved my wine, cheese, and pasta way too much.

And then a baby came and happened, baby weight stuck around, and I got fed up of trying on 15 shirts every time I wanted to leave the house only to be disappointed with how I looked in every. single. one. I was frustrated with my body, so I decided to act.

I can easily think of 10 friends that are Arbonne consultants and was seeing posts often about the 30 day cleanse Arbonne offered consistently on my Instagram feed. I decided February was the month that I was going to get my butt in gear, and thought that if I was going to do a cleanse, the shortest month might make it seem like it would pass faster😉. I also thought we’d have snow days, so it would be easy to stay home and not be tempted to eat out. I did a little research on results (since why I’m writing this post), and decided this was a cleanse I could trust and manage. It helped that I only had to make one meal a day. I got the motivation to do it, and decided to dive in head first!

If you want to know more about the cleanse, I mention it a bit in this post, and give 3 recipes we’ve loved eating during and after! You can also contact my consultant, Stephanie, at!

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The Results

They say this cleanse more of a lifestyle change than a diet, and I agree. I’ll be honest, I don’t necessarily think of food all too differently now that the 30 days are through. I enjoy the experience that is a new and exciting meal or an indulgence too much. I just love food too much to solely think of it as fuel for my body. However, this cleanse did affect the way I view cooking, health, and the majority of my meals. It truly was a lifestyle change for both me and my husband, even though I’m the only one that did the cleanse.

During this 30 day cleanse, I lost 10 pounds overall, and 2 inches from both under my bust and my belly. I lost a little over an inch from my thighs, and about half an inch from my hips (childbearin’😉).

Truthfully, when I look in the mirror, I don’t see a big change in my body shape. I took pictures of my belly to try and show progress and can’t tell much of a difference. However, I can tell a huge difference in my clothing. I can wear pants that have been uncomfortably tight for so long. I can wear shirts that I thought wouldn’t see the light of day until next winter at the earliest. So while I can’t see the difference a ton, I know it’s there. I do, however, see a difference in my face a bit🙌🏼. I’ve had others notice that difference in me as well, who didn’t even know I was partaking in a cleanse.

As for sacrificing food, it really wasn’t that hard. I missed pasta but not nearly as much as I expected. I used non-dairy cheese some, but again didn’t miss in an insane amount. I missed wine, but I did without it for 9 months before, so one wasn’t so bad. I got excited to try new meals that were within the restrictions. Pinterest was my best friend, and Brett and I found some new favorites that are entering our rotation.

How it Changed my Habits

This is what I wanted out of it – a change of habits so that living healthy just came more naturally to me.

  • I snack barely at all now. I’m amazed how full those shakes keep me (except for after a big workout- gotta refuel💪🏼)
  • I treat apples (and bananas, now that the cleanse is through) as dessert
  • I read the labels on everything I buy – do you realize how many products have added sugar??!?!
  • My first stop in the grocery store is the produce, and it fills half of my cart
  • I eat more than just ground beef and chicken breasts (ground turkey is a frequent meat of choice now)
  • I learned that there are vegetables other than potatoes
  • do not miss soda. I repeat – I’m soda free and loving it. Lemon water is my jam, and fizz sticks really are all that
  • I also drink more water than everrrr before
  • When planning meals, I think immediately of what veggies it’ll include

Hero products that made the difference

There are a few things that made this a success food-wise for me. I use cheese and honey as seasonings way too much, so swapping that out for spices and other ingredients definitely helped. These products are things I either bought weekly, or bought at the beginning of the month and loved using throughout!

  • Coconut aminos – this stuff is my JAM. It helped with my sweet tooth. We use it on vegetables, meats, stir-fry and rice, pretty much everything.
  • Spices galore – These were in frequent rotation: cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder
  • BFree tortillas – They have a sweet potato kind Brett and I really liked, and they have a quinoa and chia seed kind that I’ll use a lot thanks to the fiber and protein in it. We get them at Publix.
  • Bags of precut, prewashed kale – I know kale is a hit or miss for people, but Brett and I love it. This was SO easy to use to make salads, sautéed kale, add it on tacos, etc.
  • Primal Kitchen salad dressings– these are made with avocado oil and say on them if they are gluten free, dairy free, no sugar added, etc. We used the caeser and ranch. I’ll use these from now on because they are friggin’ delicious. The caesar made a great salad and the ranch was perfect for dipping veggies, meats, and more. It’s hard to tell that they aren’t the actual real deal, especially the caesar. Again, we find these at Publix.

Interest or want to know more?

I used my girl, Stephanie, to purchase everything. You can join her facebook group here if you want to learn more about Arbonne, or browse the products straight form the source through this link.  If you have questions about what all the cleanse entails, how it affects your health, how it benefits your body, etc, just reach out and ask her! Her email is I always get worried with MLMs that something will be pushed on me – that’s not her at all! She just is passionate about Arbonne and enjoys sharing what she’s passionate about!

I’m also not trying to sell you on this; I just know that when I was deciding to start,  I was researching results like crazy. Hopefully this post can help someone else make the decision! Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience, too!

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