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5 Must-Have Maternity Clothing Items

Like any girl, I’m not hoping to completely up-end my wardrobe while pregnant. I want to make use of what I already own, but I also want to flatter my bump. Most importantly, though, I want to be comfortable, which has definitely been my biggest challenge by far.

Pregnancy clothes aren’t cheap. And when you’re pregnant, you already have a million-and-one things to pay for and cover, so clothing isn’t exactly a priority. However, the bigger I got and the more my bump grew, the more specific items actually did become a priority. It wasn’t so much what I wanted to look like, it was more so being able to make it through the day in whatever I was wearing. Going pantless just sadly isn’t always an option;).

must have maternity clothing items

I know there will be other items I need to add or purchase as the months go by, but there have been a few items already that I view as necessities.  A few of these will also be great for the months following pregnancy, when your body is adjusting back to normal.

Item One: Leggings. Insert ALL the praise hands here. Even really early on (8 weeks-ish) some of my leggings just started feeling too tight in the belly as I was bloated and growing. I chose these leggings that could fold over, and they’ve been working great. Leggings have been the only thing comfortable for me to wear every day. I’ve tried other brands, but these still remain my favorite.

must have maternity clothing items

Item Two: Maternity Bra. For most girls, they change sizes earlier on in pregnancy and this becomes a necessity then. For me, it was more so when I needed a band that wasn’t too tight that could adjust as I gradually changed. Most nursing bras double as maternity bras due to their elasticity and lack of underwire. I didn’t have any luck finding bras like that close by, so have temporarily chosen super soft bralettes that work perfectly as a maternity bra. However, I know I’m going to have to purchase more closer to her due date.

must have maternity clothing items

Item Three: A fitted tunic. Now, not necessarily a necessity for comfort, this belongs more with self-esteem. There are days where you’ll just plain feel fat. Despite knowing that you’re growing a human, you can’t help but be a little downcast when you see numbers add up on a scale, or see that bump that you wonder if it could be mistaken for just extra weight. Fitted tops accentuate your belly, giving it that rounder appearance, but take away the bulkiness of the rest of your clothing. I’ve found that longer black tops make the rest of me slimmed down, giving my belly center stage. It’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to wear something so fitted.

must have maternity clothing items

Item Four: Maternity Underwear. Don’t laugh- I’m so serious on this one. It isn’t so much that your bottom will grow, it’s that your belly might not be comfortable in tighter waistlines. Mine was fine standing up, but sitting down always led to me being uncomfortable. You can find some pairs on Amazon that cut under the belly to help provide that relief. I’ve also found that this is my favorite Victoria Secret style for pregnancy as it stretches right alongside my belly.

must have maternity clothing items

Item Five: A Jacket or Sweater. Especially if you’re pregnant in the fall and winter like me, you’ll want something that fits over your belly during these months.  I need to purchase an actual maternity jacket – I just haven’t been anywhere to try one on yet! The husband’s closet is handy to have as well.

Sidenote: With this sweater, it’s super soft and comfortable but is a tidbit baggy on me. I got my regular size (medium) but probably should have gotten a small. It would have accentuated my belly more while not being quite as loose in other areas.


Now, while these items are great for every-day wear, you’ll need some items for special occasions. Every lady wants that one dress to wear at their baby shower that makes them and their belly the star of the show! And you can’t beat those graphic tees that let the world know you’re pregnant in the cutest of ways. But these five, they make up the true must-have collection, the pieces that make the 9 months of a body that surprises you every single day a bit more manageable;).



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