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What I’ve Learned in My First 6 Months of Blogging

It didn’t hit me until late Monday night that I had officially reached 6 months of blogging. I’ve been anxiously anticipating that date, as many opportunities for bloggers request at least 6 months of experience. Now, that doesn’t exactly make me feel any more prepared or ready for said opportunities… it just means I’m more comfortable taking the initial step to apply.

6 months isn’t incredibly long, but it is long enough to learn a few lessons. And maybe you’ve already learned these things, or maybe you’re debating starting a blog of your own. Maybe these will reaffirm why you should. Because you definitely should.

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One. Accomplishments are worth celebrating. With teaching, you can always be a better, more effective teacher. With blogging, you can grow so much each and every day. You won’t always; you’ll have weeks that seem like a digression for your blog.  A hard pill to swallow with blogging is that your journey is your own. Seeing how fast other bloggers reach new levels of achievement and comparing yourself to that? That does diddly-squat for your confidence. And will get you nowhere. It’s necessary to celebrate and be proud of the little steps you reach along the way. First collaborations, reaching milestones in followers, joining networks – you’re one step higher than you were before.

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Two. You don’t need to be face-to-face to connect with people and build relationships. These girls mean what they say when they compliment you. Blogger friends? Instagram friends? So often, those become real life friends. Yes, that actually happens… even to small bloggers like me! I know opening a blog and running a public Instagram provide ample opportunity for criticism and negativity, and I know when I receive that, it’ll be crushing. But I have no doubt that for one negative comment, there will be hundreds more uplifting. You’ll find people who always give you new style ideas, that genuinely respond to events in your life, that truly enjoy hearing what you have to say.

Three. You can, believe it or not, function on very little sleep. Now, this might be a lesson previously learned in college, but blogging certainly reminds me of it frequently. My mom has mentioned that the one thing she doesn’t necessarily love about my blogging experience is that it bites into my bedtime. I haven’t heard a single blogger describe this as a small hobby, something that can be done easily at the end of the day. It’s like a second job. A fun, passion-filled job, but a job none the less. And if that means I see the clock strike midnight a time or two here and there, so be it.

Four. You probably don’t need half of the clothes that you own. Y’all… I’m a clothes hoarder. If anything, blogging about style has increased my desire to be creative with outfits, taught me the value of a few reusable pieces, and helped me to eliminate the thought: “I might want wear this one day.” Really, Emily, do you need to keep that hot pink shirt that you’ll only wear if your school has neon day because you just don’t do bright pink? Or that shirt that you’ll only wear if it’s tucked into a skirt because the hem is a little short even though you have ten other shirts you’d pick over that one? No, Emily, the answer is no. Thus, fashion blogging helps me to declutter.

Five. If you write it, people will read it. This is one of the more important lessons that I’ve learned. I started this having absolutely no idea what to expect, not really intending to share it with people I knew in the real world for goodness knows how long. Thanks to the motivation of a friend telling me I didn’t have a choice in the matter, that confidence came about. Some days might have 100 people reading it, and others might have 6. That’s okay – someone is reading it. It’s worth your effort to put the words down.

I really, really hope that these past six months have only been the tip of the iceberg. And I really hope that you fellow bloggers have experienced these lessons as well. And if you’re considering starting one of these, no matter the topic, I hope this only further encourages you to do so. Because what I’ve learned the most so far? It’s so worth it.

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