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A Non Maternity Dress Great for Maternity

Early February, I thought I wasn’t ready for winter to be over. I was enjoying the frequent little snow showers we kept having. And then this perfect spring weather came around. Y’all, I’m a goner. I forgot how nice nice weather is!

Also, I apologize that I’m hugging my belly in like ALL of these… but can you blame me?;)

This dress is definitely not a maternity dress, but is form-fitting enough that it almost looks as if it is. Brett picked it out for our Valentine’s date – I think he liked the back of it ;). Bralettes like this one have been great for pregnancy as they are by far some of the most comfortable. These are also one of my favorite pairs of earrings, and they’re from Etsy! I actually have a few others sitting in my shopping cart right now to order, like this same pair in shades of blue and gray.

Brett and I went to our first childbirth class last night, making it seem all the more real! While we didn’t learn anything exciting, it definitely made me realize just how close we are getting to the end (14 weeks away!) and to meeting this little girl! We’re both somewhat indecisive – me way more than him – which makes the naming process so dang hard. BUT we’re getting close, which just makes me giddy! And this weekend has us getting the last BIG thing for the nursery (our glider), making us one more step closer!

Tell me when you get tired of hearing about baby girl and this pregnancy – because y’all, I could (obviously) talk about it for days. Hard not to when it controls every minute of every day for you!

Happy Friday, friends!



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