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A Beautiful Shower for Baby Girl

I really don’t know how to describe this… it’s almost like it hurts my heart in the best kind of way to realize just how much love this little baby and I have.

I met these very special ladies 6 years ago when I got my first teaching job at Colfax Elementary. I had the pleasure of teaching with 7 of them, two through inclusion and one as the best teammate ever, the math to my reading. We’re quite the mix, about half (lucky ducks;)) retired now and all different ages. I got to know them best the year and a half I lived alone in between college and life with Brett in Boone – and I like to think that was one of my best years yet. Certainly not thanks to the long-distance relationship, but because I think these ladies helped me become the me that I wanted to be – as cheesy as that is!

They’ve now thrown me both a bachelorette party and a baby shower! A baby shower, unlike a wedding shower, doesn’t need a white dress to make it complete – it just needs a dress to show off that bump! This one from Pink Blush is perfect for the spring and summer. Maybe it’s the red and blue, but I feel like such a country girl in it – which is never a bad thing to me!

I’ve been a huge fan of wearing dresses and maxi-skirts lately. They just seem to be the most comfortable items on my bump, and you aren’t having to constantly pull them to stay up!

I definitely think this one will work great after Little Girl is born… I’ll just have to wear heels in it:)! Truth be told, I’m pretty excited about wearing all of my Pink Blush clothing after little girl comes – these floral dresses won’t be going to waste!

The girls also made a point to invite my mom and sister to the baby shower, that is, as long as they brought the handsomest little man! My mom made the trip up for the day, and I loved blending the two aspects of my life together!

The girls and I have been taking trips together for 7 years now, with me joining in for the last 6 years (post-college). Typically, it’s the beach in the fall and a mountainy town in the spring. We’ve gone to Asheville a few times, but they switched it to Boone so it would be easier on me for traveling. They also rented a house that was just a few minutes from mine – making it so easy for me to feel like I was enjoying a weekend away while still sleeping in my bed. That’s a much-appreciated luxury this far along!

They graced Little Girl with so many sweet things! After this shower, if she came tomorrow, I wouldn’t be panicking. She is going to be the best-dressed little girl around!

These ladies have all been teachers in one way or another, and definitely have the craftiness trait down pat. This bucket below is a bouquet of baby socks! I’m contemplating leaving it up as decor in her room…it’s just too cute to take apart!

 They also made a diaper cake, complete with a hidden surprise inside for me to enjoy post-baby. The little touches go so far in showing their love! It was a brunch shower, and baby girl and I definitely went back for seconds…. and maybe thirds.

They also had so many fun games to play. We’ve got a few diapers now with messages to cheer us up on those late night changes, and I got to hear some of the silliest and sweetest guesses for her name. These girls enjoy a good time, and even managed to make a type of drinking game for us to play, complete with water for me and another mom-to-be! We had the traditional guess-the-belly-size game. It was quite enlightening, as everyone guessed over;). I might’ve encouraged a few to add some inches though – I honestly thought it would show up bigger than it did!

Baby Girl and I couldn’t have asked for a better shower, or weekend to relax with friends. They truly let me indulge and soak up the treatment that comes with being so far along and pregnant. I’m just blessed to have so many great role models of women and mothers to look up to! I wouldn’t trade my weekends with them for anything.

Thank you, ladies, for throwing us the sweetest shower! We love you so.


Thanks, Pink Blush, for providing me with this dress! All opinions are my own. 




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