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A Letter to Scarlett – Your Second Year

(It’s two months before Scarlett’s 3rd birthday and I’m just now posting this🙈. If that isn’t just an accurate depiction of the last year! But it still deserves to be shared – I want to treasure it always!)

Scarlett Virginia,

I can’t believe I’m even writing this. I’ve been saying that you’re almost 2 to everyone for a while now, but just letting it sink in that you’re truly growing up? I’m excited for it, but it kind of hurts too! I LOVE this age with you. You are so much fun!

Before writing this, I went back and read the letter I wrote to you for your first year. You have grown so very much, but it’s funny just how much of your personality is similar. This was an easier year for you and me together. We’re (the world) in a pretty unique time right now – we’ve been more or less “quarantined” for the past two months due to a virus. That means you and I have spent a ton of time at home, just the two of us. It amazes me that, if anything, it’s just made me crave time with you more. Sharing you isn’t easy for me right now! I’m thankful that we’ve gotten this close time before your brother is born.

Speaking of, you’re about to have a brother! And baby girl, you are going to be the BEST big sister. You love on things so well. You take care of your stuffed animals and baby dolls in the sweetest way, rocking and feeding them. Truly, you’re a little partial to stuffed animals. Blankie is still your favorite item and you cuddle with it every single time you sleep, but you also have lots of favorite stuffed animals. Elephant is one you go to time and time again, as is fox, brown bear, and deer. We have no names for them yet- you just call them by their animal. You also have a huge heart for people around you. If you hear someone crying or sad, or even see it on a movie, you sympathize immediately. We can’t wait to see you with your brother.

Now, you may have the biggest heart, but you also have an independent streak a mile wide. You are 100% Miss Independent. You do not like help unless you specifically ask for it, and if we try to assist you when it’s not wanted? We better be prepared for a meltdown. Your father and I weren’t like that as kids, but I think both your aunts were! I know this spirit will fare you well over time, it’s just something I have to work on handling. You’re also very stubborn, and I’ve had to learn how to set expectations and guidelines so that you don’t just rule the roost all the time!

I know we’re biased, but we think you’re one smart cookie. You know all the main colors, but don’t really have a favorite – although use use brown and black often. You’re learning to count right now and can probably count to 10 but don’t know what the numbers look like. You know about 5 letters. Your vocabulary, though, is awesome. I really think that’s just because you love to read so much! We read to and with you daily. Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve taken to reading yourself and can recite “Brown Bear” and all of your Cozy Classics books. This past year, we’ve read “Pout Pout Fish” and “Mama Loves You So” the most. I pray this love for reading continues!

You’re still a picky eater, but you’re a pretty good eater now! We can get something for you at most restaurants and you’ll be happy enough. You LOVE any type of fried potato, be it tots or fries or hash browns. You also love fruit of all kinds, yogurt, and biscuits. You’re southern, and it shows. You have a sweet tooth like your mama – sorry! You and I continued to breastfeed until you were 17 months, in September of your 2nd year. I can’t believe we made it that long, and it was the right time to stop for us. I’m proud of us!

You’re also, for the most part, potty trained! We did this at 22 months when the quarantine started and it’s been a process, but we’re so proud of you. Yes, there are accidents, but mostly that happens because you’re too busy playing and just don’t want to stop!

Something else that you love to do is play pretend. You pretend to doctor all. the. time. Be it on us, you, or a stuffed animal. You also love to pretend to cook! Great Granny helped us get a tower for the kitchen for you, and you stand in it for literal hours every day, helping Mommy cook or wash dishes. We got you a play kitchen for your 2nd birthday because you love cooking so much! You in general have a helping heart. You want to help when we need it. You also have really good manners for such a little girl. You say please often, without too much prompting, and say thank you with ease. You’re better at saying thank you and bless you than your parents are!

You’ve grown closer to all your family members over the last year, and love to go to their houses. You FaceTime with your grandmothers daily, even though you see them a couple times a week, too. Still, from year 1 to now, Lincoln remains your favorite person. You’ve taken to calling him “Nene” and that’s pretty much all you’ll use now. You know his name is Lincoln Boone (and actually know his first and last name before your own!), you just call him Nene. You adore him, and probably get more excited to see him than anyone else. He is the best big cousin to you, and has taught you the most about sharing and playing with someone else.

While you don’t cling to me quite like you did at one year, you’re still a mamas girl at heart. You let me rock you before bed every single night, and you ask for hugs sporadically throughout the day. Even when you’re mad at me for helping when you didn’t want it, when you’re in the midst of a breakdown, you just want Mama to hug you. You can be a daddy’s girl too, especially on the weekends when he spends lots of time with you. You ask for him to come home every day, and get so excited when you hear his truck!

Scarlett, you are our world. I love you so much, and I know I’m just going to love you more. Watching you grow and develop is my favorite thing, but so is soaking up each and every day with you. I’m so thankful that I get to spend this time knowing and nurturing you. It’s priceless.


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